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Jacky Joy

Jacky Joy Jacky Joy
Jacky Pleasure @
Well, news is out I am preggy with the black man’s baby! All of the every single week updates over the next several months you’ll must watch my progress as I receive larger & larger! And since we do not know whose baby it’s, we’ll go ahead and call this update "Black Baby Talk". My 1st guest today is Ace! Ace is a average black male. That lady-killer is got quite a package on him, and this lady-killer loves to unload directly into the white female. My second guest is a total slut named Jacky Joy. You might have seen Jacky on sites like Blacks on Blondes. In other words, she knows the Force of Black Ramrod. After me and Ace talk about the chances of my baby being his, we bring out Jacky, and she receives utterly destroyed. Pounded by darksome schlong. And that babe loved each minute of it!! After a entire lot of engulfing and banging, Ace does what he does preeminent. Special Delivery! Hawt dark spunk into the white woman’s pink aperture! LOL – XOXO – Ruthie

Jacky Joy Jacky Joy

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Holly Heart

Holly Heart Holly Heart
Holly Heart @
Who would not wanna be Holly Heart’s cuckold? Just take a long look at her! These fashionable, lengthy legs. Her outstanding arse. These firm, round whoppers. And her pure blond hair! What’s it take to land Holly as your wife? Well, lots of money, to commence. If u had the chance to be Holly’s woman chaser, you’ll have to allow her to go out on weekends to be serviced by larger than run of the mill, darksome bulls. If she desires to go to an adult bookstore to see what kind of a predicament this babe can acquire inside to, you better go with. U know that babe is intend to identify trouble, and you’ll want to view. When it’s all told and done, you’ll clean her up, too…because you can’t allow your stylish wife to walk out of that adult bookstore sticky with another man’s cum.

Holly Heart Holly Heart

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The Lost Update

The Lost Update The Lost Update
The Lost Update @
Howdy Boyz & Angels! I have got a humorous story for u! My minions were working very hard final week, figuring out which hot scene to display u for this week’s update, when one of ’em stumbled upon a scene that was shot a lengthy, long-time agone! How joy!! We forgot it even existed! I was still barely-legal, and my braces had *just* come off. It’s only the second time I was with Boz, and as u can see from the scene, I had a *very* hard time taking all 13 inches of that big darksome pecker. Jada likewise dropped by for some pleasure, also! It is joy to check out this scene cause at that time I was not really handling gigantic cock adore I can now! And look at my blond hair!! Wow! This scene brings back plenty of memories…hot ones! I hope u lads love it as much as I do!! XOXO – Spring
The Lost Update The Lost Update
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Hollie Mack

Hollie Mack Hollie Mack
Hollie Mack @
It’s tough to count on everything in Porn Valley — from the cast showing up on time, to a model even showing up at all. That’s why Isiah is so voided urine. His scene’s just been cancelled, and that buck needed to make rent this month. What’s he gonna do? He has no idea, but his problem’s about to be solved: a porn fan, Hollie Mack, just spotted Isiah in his Dogfart t-shirt, and she stops to meet him. Hollie Mack’s a astronomical fan of IR porn. That babe can’t live without the way slim little white cuties take colossal BBC, and this babe tells Isiah so. Which is when Isiah makes a decision to make Hollie Mack’s dream happen. At 1st, she’s reluctant, but pretty soon she’s taking Isiah’s astronomical shlong in her very 1st experience with a darksome petticoat chaser — on or off digital camera. Until Isiah fills her cum-hole with a colossal wad of goo. And guess who’s not on the pill!?!
Hollie Mack Hollie Mack
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Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali @
Ever wonder how a high school keeps its football players maintaining an appropriate grade point average to keep them eligible for the team? Welcome to Ms. Nadia Ali’s class, "Introduction to Diversity: Dialogues in Today’s World". Yeap. It’s one of those kind of courses. And today’s rowdy bunch are a tough group to handle. Ms. Ali tries to keep their attention, but in the end, things receive our of control…and, yes, erotic. The males cant believe how fetching Ms. Ali is as layer after layer of clothing are removed, and the lads have been hawt for teacher since the 1st day of class. Look at as each boy takes his turn with Ms. Ali, and, in the end, her handsome face is moist in cum. Now that is what Team Dogfart calls a dialogue!
Nadia Ali Nadia Ali
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Kaci Starr

Kaci Starr Kaci Starr
Kaci Starr @
I’m taking applications for Doxies. Bitch Applications. Not just any floozy, either. I want cutie who shall be whores for darksome shlong. No Whites Allowed! Kaci Starr answered my classified advert early in her porno career. She was nervous for the interview, and that babe sure did action it! It is hard, though, to conceal your nervous belly when The Darksome Woman chaser pulls out his king-size member, and that’s what happens during Kaci’s interview. This babe is so wholesome. This babe is so girl-next-door. She is so CONVERTED. Bye bye, white boys. After Kaci’s gap gets a stupendous black dick invading it, she is all done with you! View that thing! It goes to her belly button! My gosh…no wonder she’s all done with the white Lothario! HAHAHA. Chalk up one more conversion for Ruthie! XOXO.

Kaci Starr Kaci Starr

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Train My Butt Part 2

Train My A-hole Part 2 Train My Gazoo Part 2
Train My Booty Part 2 @
Hey there cuties and lads! It is time for another movie scene of Spring World! Tee hee. So lots of you love seeing me receive stuff poked up my bunger, so here ya go…another lesson in the School of Ass! :( U boys already know I am not a bigger than typical fan of foreign objects up my poop-chute, but I’ll don’t quite everything for my members, and after a complete bunch of e-mails latterly, I thought why not? It is for u, Dear Member, and I’ll grimace throughout tons of pang to make u glad. And I think you are intend to be pleased this day. See…I put nothing into my enchanting bawdy cleft. You heard right. Not a thing. Um, well. Weed put his tounge in there, and made it feel truly good, till I shudder…but that’s it! No thing else. My gazoo just gets hammered this week. Oh, and I get some ass plugs shoved up there. Oh, and a sugar-plum. And certainly what’s a worthy gal to do after a sour apple pop is jammed up your biffy than take a little taste. Or two! :) :(…ewww. But I did it, and I did it with a smile on my face, and that counts for something, right? XOXOXOXOX – Spring.
Train My Wazoo Part 2 Train My Wazoo Part 2
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Alina West

Alina West Alina West
Alina West @
Alina West is on the freshman cheer squad at her community college. Her partner, Joe, QB’s the team. Rob Piper is the school’s star full back. Alina’s barely-legal, and she’s a randy little devil. Her issue? And the reason this babe is walking home after the game with Rob? Well, her partner is a Christian, and this lady-killer believes it is almost any astonishing to wait until marriage in advance of having sex. Alina desires penis very badly, and this babe talks to Rob in confidence about this. Rob offers they go back to his place, and Alina assents, as long as they’re no "funny business". Back at his crib, Rob puts all the moves on Alina…but to no avail. This babe doesn’t urge to cheat on Joe! In a list-ditch effort, pulls a move any All-American playa would be gratified of, and sure enough — it works. Alina’s very first interracial sex! First IR anal, to boot! Quick question for y’all — if it only goes in her butt, that’s supposed to mean this babe is not cheating on Joe…right?
Alina West Alina West
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Abbey Rain

Abbey Rain Abbey Rain
Abbey Rain @
Bet you’ve not at all heard of Dogfart Records! No…it’s not a fresh, hip-hop label started by Rob Piper and Rico Meaty. Dogfart Records is, however, a recent way for Rico and Rob to enslave Snow Bunnies in their lair, dangle an imaginary internship in front of their noses, and then pull the age-old "casting couch" routine on them. It is a trick as mature as Hollywood itself, and you know how it goes. Here’s the funny part — even when the girls aren’t likewise willing, they’ll donot quite anything for a phat job in Hollywood! Even cheat on their hubby for a chance at an important job at an up-and-coming record label. They might not adore it also much, but hey — a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Even if it means letting one as well as the other the dark-skinned men bust in your little fur pie…and with out being on birth control to boot!
Abbey Rain Abbey Rain
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Sadie Blair

Sadie Blair Sadie Blair
Sadie Blair @

Sadie Blair Sadie Blair

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Miley May And Monique Symone

Miley May And Monique Symone Miley May And Monique Symone
Miley May And Monique Symone @
Crew. If you are a business owner, you know what a handful they can be. Go into Miley May. She is one of those who takes excessive smoke breaks, checks texts and e-mails on company time, and, sure sufficient, that babe is been lifting product out the back of the warehouse with her shitty husband. How did the CEO of the company detect all this? Well, there’s priceless staff, also. Ones who work inflexible, and care about the company that employs them. Come into Monique Symone. She has the boss’s back, even when the boss has some unethical ways of disciplining Miley May, and even though Miley is reluctant to take her punishment, that babe knows her merely other choice is jail.
Miley May And Monique Symone Miley May And Monique Symone
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