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Brooke Wylde

Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
Brooke Wylde @
Brooke Wylde is a Dark Dick Slut. Truly, that babe is. This ain’t no porno talk, or b.s. marketing scheme. Brooke likes the darksome skirt chaser — on or off digital camera. And when u ask her why, Brooke carefully formulates an answer — just to make certain this babe is clearly understood. Brooke uses words love "swagger" and "confidence" and "size", and she’ll tell stories of Friday-night club activities, in which the black man will approach, slap her booty, and pull her to the dance floor (a white man would be slapped for such behaviors) before he takes Brooke home to fuck all night. Today, the Blacks on Blondes members are in for a particular treat. This is Brooke’s very first time simultaneously entertaining 2 dark-skinned guys. The result? Multiple, (and very real) on-camera orgasms, before our 2 darksome bulls put Brooke on her knees for a double reward.
Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
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Kitty Kitty
Kitty @
You know what’s laughable about this week’s update? Max Black’s massive strapon is about as large as this week’s bimbo — Lil’ Miss Kitty. This babe is about 4 foot 9, and I think Max’s cock is, adore, 4 foot 5. HA-HA-HA. Well, not actually, but Kitty can barely receive her petite Asian throat around his rod head. After Max stretches out her face, that Lothario goes straight for the cum-hole. And this chab simply annihilates it. Wrecks it. And you know what? Kitty loved each second of it…and so did I…and so did Max. Check out that golden smile across Max’s ghetto face! Check out the 3 of us by scene’s end: that is one contented Negro. And one contented White Girl. And one satisfied slant. HAHAH. I’m so terrible, sometimes I scare myself. Please don’t be afraid of me! XOXO — Ruthie

Kitty Kitty

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Harmoni Kalifornia

Harmoni Kalifornia Harmoni Kalifornia
Harmoni Kalifornia @
The Queen of Spades. It is more than just a playing card in a 52-card deck. It is a lifestyle. For those of you who’ve at no time heard of it beyond a card game, The Queen of Spades is a white hotty’s who has dedicated her life to BBC. You’ll know a true Q of Spades by the tattoo, usually located on the nape of the neck — or her back. Harmoni Kalifornia is an internet legend; in fact, you probably already know who she’s…which means, u know she is a True Queen of Spades. And today, this babe is just drooping out in LA and awaiting for smth to happen when Shane Diesel spots Harmoni, flying her tat in public. This Lothario even has to give the young Bull Isiah Maxwell a Queen of Spades lesson, and then, back at the crib, it does actually go down. Being the true Queen that she’s, Harmoni asked for more, so why not toss Jack Napier into the mix? U know her white partner will be jerking his dinky to this epic scene!
Harmoni Kalifornia Harmoni Kalifornia
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Aria Alexander

Aria Alexander Aria Alexander
Aria Alexander @
Description: It appears to be love those days it is nifty for white gals to be banging their personal trainers — especially if their personal coach is a dark dude. That is exactly what Aria Alexander had in mind from the pont of time that babe eyed Nat in her Fitness Centre, peddling his wares. Nat’s $50-an-hour workouts are punishing, and that is part of what makes Aria’s tight, white bawdy cleft soaked with passion. The other? Nat’s thick, darksome pecker. Aria knows Nat’s a got some knowledge when it comes to getting hurt during a workout, too, so would not you know it? Aria "pulls a hamstring". Or maybe it is her groin? Whatsoever the ailment, it’s back to Nat’s therapy room, where he is gonna administer some of his particular healing powers.
Aria Alexander Aria Alexander
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MaryJane Mayhem

MaryJane Mayhem MaryJane Mayhem
MaryJane Mayhem @
The definition of a cuckold is simply a chap who knows his wife in unfaithful, and this chab accepts it. He is OKAY with his gal getting gang banged out, so, if you are with a porn star, or an escort, guess what? You are a cuckold. Enter Alex. He’s been in a years-long relationship with Mary Jane Mayhem, the adult star. That ladies man is also Mary Jane’s gigantic fan. This gent watches all her vids, and the sight of his female being glad by one more charmer makes him stroke love a monkey in the zoo. His all-time beloved scene? Mary Jane’s scene for the world-famous Blacks on Blondes, in which Rob Piper stretched her cunt to the max. The only thing more fashionable than watching the video, certainly, is to check out it all go down in real life. That stud knows Isiah, so he presents his beloved girlfriend to the dark ladies man in instruct to satisfy his own amoral needs. Mary Jane’s reward? Well, it’s two-fold: Isiah’s three-day, backed-up load in her constricted wet crack, then boyfriend acquires to spray it down her throat. The topmost passion for Mary Jane and Alex? No birth control for Mary Jane!
MaryJane Mayhem MaryJane Mayhem

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AriannyKoda AriannyKoda
AriannyKoda @
PAWG: phat-assed white cutie. U gotta adore Them. U know The Brothers do. When they’re from a far-away place, that is even better! Enter Arianny Koda, who came all the way to Porn Valley from Australia! She’s on a mission, too. Sure, that babe urges to make obscene flicks…but, more than anything else, that babe wishes to experience her very 1st BBC — on or off digi camera. There’s not too many black fellows back in Arianny’s Australia, so when we introduce her to Moe "The Monster" Johnson and his 11-inch johnson, Arianny’s so wanton her taut little white slit is leaking in anticipation. When it is all said-and-done this day, Arianny’s just another convert in a long line of white babes who know what it is all about when u hook up with a Brother.
AriannyKoda AriannyKoda
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Layla Price

Layla Price Layla Price
Layla Price @
We open this week’s update with Layla Price being escorted throughout downtown by two of the colossal bulls in the Dogfart stable, Rico Beefy and Moe "The Monster" Johnson. The discussion? Ass and cum-hole, of course…and which is better? The luscious, pink aperture that is Layla’s cum-hole, or her lovely, puckered brown star? Moe’s a cookie charmer, and Rico’s an ass charmer, but smth tells me they’re gonna take turns on this darksome rod bitch, and wouldn’t you know it? Layla has both holes violated at the same time. Cause that’s how the Dogfart staff rolls.
Layla Price Layla Price
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Alena Croft

Alena Croft Alena Croft
Alena Croft @
Step-moms can be a bitch. U probably know this already. Take Alena’s new step-son, Trent. This lady-killer knows this all likewise well. Trent’s already caught his recent step-mom cheating on his daddy…and with a darksome charmer, no less! The only thing that makes matters worse is Trent’s fetish. See, he’s an unabashed voyeur, and isn’t it laughable how step-moms know so much? She knew Trent’s a little perv, so this babe cut the deal: let me have my fix of BBC, and I’ll let you jerk your winky and view. In fact, if Trent’s a "good little boy", this dude acquires rewarded. So kick back and check out as Alena allows Trent to jack his dinky all over step-mommy’s extra-large fun bags. Sounds adore a valuable deal to me!
Alena Croft Alena Croft
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Virgo Peridot

Virgo Peridot Virgo Peridot
Virgo Peridot @

Virgo Peridot Virgo Peridot
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Jacky Joy Creampie

Jacky Enjoyment Creampie Jacky Enjoyment Creampie
Jacky Joy Creampie @
Jackie Enjoyment is back! She’s a sexy doxy, a dirty whore & a cum guzzler! This day Sledge deposits his potent seed in Jackie’s abdomen. Sledge is a potent dark-skinned charmer. Rumor has it that dude has 14 kids, including some triplets. In a slight in number month we’ll see how big Jackie’s stomach gets when it has a scarcely any dark babies in it!

Jacky Pleasure Creampie Jacky Enjoyment Creampie

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A Slice Of Cream Pie

A Slice Of Man cream Pie A Slice Of Spunk Pie
A Slice Of Cream pie @
Hi Boys and Angels! Anyone hungry? I bet there is some bois out there with a hankerin’ for a taste of nice old-fashioned creampie! I know one cucky boi who had a smack for it…and guess who baked him up a slice of heaven? That is right…me. With a little help from my pal Ace. But before we prepared our cock juice pie for him, I took my hungry boi and made him take a shower. A very cold shower. And if that wasn’t enough, I had some ice with me…to nifty down his petite balls. Laughable thing is – that ice shriveled up his testicles and shaft even more. By the end of the shower I measured his package…2 inches. Then I laughed! Then Ace serviced me whilst that smooth operator watched. Then Ace blew all over my clean shaven cum-hole. Which meant it was snack time for cuck boi! Hee hee. I’m so cold-blooded sometimes. XOXOX – Spring
A Slice Of Cream Pie A Slice Of Goo Pie
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