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Skyy Skyy
Skyy @
Well, here u have it, my valued members…my very first session eating dark wet crack. Let me tell u, I was *nervous*. We were dangling at Skyy’s crib near Atlanta. I needed her aid. All the dark-skinned gals at the Georgia Juke Joints can truly shake their wazoo. I can not. I asked for Skyy’s assist, and lad…did that babe come through! This babe showed me the way, I must confess. After shaking the gazoo, we got down to smth more serious: priceless old fashioned girl-girl fucking. Lothario, that angel took my breath away! Whew…I’ve decided I like the taste of a darksome grab *almost* as much as dark weenie. At the end Skyy jams a good thick toy up my butt to keep it "in shape" for future updates with the niggahs I like soooo much…when it’s time to take on some more black knob up my taut white arse, Skyy guarantees me, I’ll be willing! Hee hee…enjoy! XOXO Spring.
Skyy Skyy
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Jade Nile

Jade Nile Jade Nile
Jade Nile @

Jade Nile Jade Nile
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Piper Perri

Piper Perri Piper Perri
Piper Perri @
We’re looking for the "new face" of Dogfart, and we have put one of our top bulls — Rico Meaty — in charge of the pursue. It’s a full-blown casting call: online, print, and radio has been utilized to identify a hawt blonde who’s insatiable for dark meat-thermometer and wants to represent our brand. Rico had one stipulation, and that is that stud loves ’em tiny. Really dunky. Slender! Go into Piper Perri. That babe saw the online classified advert, and that babe is down to be the face of Dogfart. After Rico does the obligatory ID check, this chab has her try on a size zero bikini. That is Rico’s test for this campaign: if they’re diminutive sufficient to fit into a Size Zero, they’re a serious candidate for the job! Not only does Piper fit into the bikini…it’s a little likewise larger than standard for her! She’s likewise down for the rest of the casting sofa routine, which includes sucking and rogering. Check out as teeny-tiny Piper takes as much of Rico’s BBC as will fit in her small, tight love tunnel. Rico stretches her to the max before unloading all over her braces. After it is all told and done, Rico thinks this guy is identified the face of Dogfart!
Piper Perri Piper Perri

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Cindy Sun

Cindy Sun Cindy Sun
Cindy Sun @
Rico Strong and JonJon have a very peculiar spot in Los Angeles where they adore to pick up angels. It is a little off the beaten path, but close enough to all the major kewl places to attract ’em. That is where they run into a hot golden-haired calling herself Cindy Sun. Cindy’s a foreigner, and that babe likes things adore traveling and hockey. Rico and JonJon use their charisma and wit to receive her back to their crib, but it appears they might have worked her a little too much. She excuses herself to use the washroom. Cindy desires to know the real meaning behind the Dogfart shirts, and all it takes is the web browser on her phone to figure out those 2 aren’t hockey players at all. And u know what? Cindy loves it! Little did Rico and JonJon know they hit the lotto with this blonde floozy! Pretty soon, they’re working all her holes, stuffing face hole, cunt, and arse with their over-sized knobs. She even asks for the "D.P."! Merely way to top that’s to fill up her pink aperture, which JonJon gladly does. After this chab is down, Rico turns Cindy’s marvelous blonde face into his personal man juice target. All in a day’s work for our two Darksome Bulls!
Cindy Sun Cindy Sun
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Samantha Roxx

Samantha Roxx Samantha Roxx
Samantha Roxx @
I indeed don’t know a whole helluva lot about this week’s Dark Ramrod Whore named Samantha Rox. I mean beyond the usual. She is a wench, and she’s here to get pounded naive by darksome shlong, and her twat gets stretched so much that I’m sure her white spouse, who took sloppy seconds later that night, felt almost nothing during the time that this charmer fucked it…which is OK, cause, trust me, Samantha did not feel much, either. Oh yea! You’ve to watch my stylish preggo love tunnel get drilled, and my pretty pregnant wobblers bounce up and down on astronomical dark sick, and Samantha takes a bigger than standard aged gnarly jism pie cause she wants a black baby, just adore me! XOXO – Ruthie.

Samantha Roxx Samantha Roxx

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Gianna Michaels

Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels
Gianna Michaels @
Hi Boys! It’s Monday, and u know what means! Update time!! And guess what else time it’s?? CONVERSION TIME! My pal Gianna takes a turn this time, and just to *prove* to her that darksome rod is larger than white cock, I brought a science book to the set. It’s one of my much loved books to read to anyone who doesn’t make no doubt of. As the book clearly states: "The archetypical caucasian wang is 5.3" long, but the everyday african american knob is over 9". Of course this appeared to be to take Gianna back; this babe had not at any time even heard of a 9 incher, let alone truly touch one. So why not aid her out? And to *prove* that our lad was admirable for a double-digit dick, I grabbed a STEEL ruler to display all…including you white guys out there! I suppose u can indeed hear Gianna’s breath as she gasps at the monster penis, and I know one thing for sure…you can hear her scream when that monster ramrod is deep inside, crammed up against the back of her pussy. And at the end, this babe acquires a yummy treat spoon fed to her. All in all a great update, don’t you think? Until next week boys! XOXO – Spring
Gianna Michaels Gianna Michaels
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Amber Lynn Bach

Amber Lynn Bach Amber Lynn Bach
Amber Lynn Bach @
Correctional Officer Amber Lynn Bach is one tough bimbo. She’s been C.O. for twenty-something years, and she is seen her share of African-American bucks come and go from her holding reservoirs. She’s always been secretly turned on by the youthful bulls she oversees during their lock down, but this day she’s taking it to the next level. Amber’s been having lights-off, missionary sex so long that babe can’t even remember the final time this babe was even remotely turned on bu Husband. The thought of "BBC" has driven her to the point of sequestering inmate Johnson in a lone cell, far off from the general population. CO Bach knows her prisoner is in on a trumped-up charge, and that doesn’t avoid her from toying with the juvenile man until this babe has her way with him. Amber Lynn is in for a very bigger in size than typical surprise, too: 11 inches of dark meat! So long sex with boyfriend! Hi Amber Lynn Bach — dark ramrod lovin’ correctional officer!!
Amber Lynn Bach Amber Lynn Bach
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Hillary Earns The Black Vote

Hillary Earns The Dark-skinned Vote Hillary Earns The Darksome Vote
Hillary Earns The Dark Vote @
1st, it was the Donald Sterling scandal. Next up, Orange is the Recent Blacks on Blondes. And for Dogfart’s latest parody, Nina Hartley plays Hillary Clinton, and this day we’re going to check out as that babe fields questions from what this babe feels might be her almost all important demographic: the 18 – Thirty five year-old African-American male. The goal, of course, is to do soever it takes the win the vote. After the group is dismissed, Hillary’s intend to display u how this babe plans to become the most powerful person of the free world.
Hillary Earns The Darksome Vote Hillary Earns The Darksome Vote
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The Juke Joint

The Juke Joint The Juke Joint
The Juke Joint @
Hello Gang! Hey, I gotta question for ya! Ever look up the word "juke joint" in the dictionary? Well, if u did, here’s what you’d find: juke joint – n : a small roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where u can eat and gulp and dance to music provided by a jukebox. Yes, you have seen this set in advance of…I took my friend Violet here to acquire a taste of a colored man’s jock. Well, this time it was Saturday afternoon, I was bored, so I went back to my favorite roadside establishment for some food, drink, and some dark cock! I guess they should put that into the definition. In fact, let us pretend you are reading the Spring World Dictionary. Here’s how it would go – juke joint n : a petite roadside establishment in the southeastern United States where u can eat and swallow and suck and screw niggahs any aged time of the day or night! LMAO! Oh yea, this time I find 2 old pals playing pool, and the next thing u know the balls aren’t slapping the rails…they’re slapping my white wazoo! Speaking of arse, these inexperienced negroes forgot how *tight* mine is, and no matter how much lube they used, or how many fingers they jammed up my ass to "warm it up", there was almost no way those massive dongs were invading my colon! At least they drain about a gallon of dark seed all over my cute little face! U pervy bastards should *love* that!!! Hee hee ; – ) N’Joy! And watch ya next week!! XOXOXOXOXXOOXXOOXXOXO — Spring
The Juke Joint The Juke Joint
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Mena Mason

Mena Mason Mena Mason
Mena Mason @
Meet Mena and Ciccle. They’re "life-stylists". They live the cuckold lifestyle, and they’re a very glad couple. Ciccle, who’s got a jock that couldn’t at any time, ever satisfy Mena, knows his set in the relationship. He’s there to support Mena and the quest to keep her gratified sexually. So when Mena asks for Ciccle to accompany her to a business encounter, this charmer knows it goes way beyond a "business meeting". Ciccle knows he’s there to aid Mena secure one more Darksome Bull, and to be there as he’s ridiculed, compulsory into chastity, and then asked to clean her up. Cause, after all, you can not wait a mistress to leave a Cuckold Session a sticky, cummy mess!
Mena Mason Mena Mason

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Hope Howell

Hope Howell Hope Howell
Hope Howell @
Warning: this scene is not for the faint of heart. It stars an unmerciful cuckoldress, Hope Howell, and her pathetic, wimpy, sissy cuckold…whose name isn’t even worth mentioning. Prepare yourself to observe as Hope puts him through the ringer. If Hope isn’t whipping his booty, this babe is whipping his disgusting, little pee-pee. If she is not sissifying the Cuckold, Hope’s degrading him. And, at random intervals, Hope’s 11-inch Bull walks in to have his way. Hope’s as compliant to her Bull as the cuckold is to Hope. My favorite part of this scene? Look at as Hope challenges her Cuckold to a cock-sucking challenge, one in which Cuckold will lose, certainly. Cuckold will pay for that, likewise!

Hope Howell Hope Howell

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