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Julia Bond

Julia Bond Julia Bond
Julia Bond @
Everyone say greetings to my recent BCS pal Julia Bond! You’ve probably viewed Julia somewhere in porno land, cause she’s all over the place! In her 1st petite in number months in the biz, she’s done adore 60 videos. I was truly psyched to acquire her to my web site! And the laughable thing is I didn’t receive to convert her love some of the other white angels that have fucked on my site! Julia already knows the vigour of darksome rod, so when Jason Brown came knocking at my door, we were ready to go! Jason’s got a monumental black pecker, and we were potty to copulate it. After we both take turns on it, Jason jacks on his giant rod till it spews all over my tummy. Julia was there to clean up, and I cleaned up also! It was fun! Hee hee…we’re nasty dark-skinned 10-Pounder bimbos! What untill u watch what a naughty slut I am next week! Hee hee! XOXOX – Spring
Julia Bond Julia Bond
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Valerie Kay

Valerie Kay Valerie Kay
Valerie Kay @

Valerie Kay Valerie Kay
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2 More Black Cum Creampies

2 More Dark Cum Creampies 2 More Black Cum Creampies
2 More Dark Cum Creampies @
This week’s cookie filling duties are being handled by Jason Brown and Lefty. I give ’em one as well as the other lap dances to warm up their sperm-making balls. I wanna make sure all 4 dark balls are working at their maximum potential previous to they unload their contents into my dark baby makin’ cunt. This idea seemed to work great as you’ll see for yourself by the monumental load these 2 chaps squirt in and on my pink aperture. Enjoy this weeks update chaps! XOXOXOXOXOX
2 More Darksome Cum Creampies 2 More Dark Cum Creampies

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Christie Stevens

Christie Stevens Christie Stevens
Christie Stevens @
A enjoyable afternoon at the park is where we discover Christie Stevens and Prince Yahshua. Christie is asking Prince some questions and one in special leads to some interesting things. Prince has come back from an harm that would have crippled mere mortal fellows. Christie Stevens is hell bent on finding out if Prince still has what it takes. One time back inside, Christie’s perfect pointer sisters come out to play as Prince fels up evry inch of her milky, white body. Christie Stevens gets on her knees and there is almost certainly Prince Yahshua hasn’t missed a step. That massive darksome 10-Pounder makes its way into Christie Stevens’ throat as her eyes lock into Prince’s . Those astonishing milk shakes receive felt up as she proceeds to gag and choke on that bigger than standard dark jock. As par for the course for other white gals, Christie lays back and gladly welcomes Prince’s penis right betwixt her haunches. Christie’s bazookas begin to shake as Prince turns things up a notch, and truly takes it out on her white bawdy cleft. Christie wanted to smack some nutmeg but the time was perfect to try to conceive. Prince unloaded his nut right inside Christie’s honeypot. This interracial couple are plan to have some admirable looking kids.
Christie Stevens Christie Stevens
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April Turner

April Turner April Turner
April Turner @

April Turner April Turner
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Emma Ash

Emma Ash Emma Ash
Emma Ash @

Emma Ash Emma Ash
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Audrey Elson

Audrey Elson Audrey Elson
Audrey Elson @
Today’s conversion comes to us from Motor Town. There are a lot of dark-skinned lads there but Audrey Elson never saw fit to copulate one. Luckily Jon Jon was around and we both showed Audrey the power that large black wang has. I could watch that we had some other successful conversion the moment the head of his cock went past her enlarged muff lips. She went nuts by sucking my cunt juices off his jock. Audrey has sworn off petite white meat and is now a full-time darksome wang wench……like me!

Audrey Elson Audrey Elson

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Sissy-Boy Elmer

Sissy-Boy Elmer Sissy-Boy Elmer
Sissy-Boy Elmer @
White boys are getting crazier and crazier by the day. Sissy-Boy Elmer isn’t the brightest bulb in the bunch. It is also been a while since he’s viewed any daylight as you can see by the bags underneath his eyes. His head made a precious place for my bra whilst my snatch made a precious location for one of the titanic darksome rods I’ve ever drilled. Sissy-Boy Elmer lived up to his name as this chap cleaned up my gorgeous face from darksome man-juice. I am thinking of making extra money by renting him out to my white girlfriends who also like humiliating white boys with no brains.
Sissy-Boy Elmer Sissy-Boy Elmer

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12 Gauge

12 Gauge 12 Gauge
12 Gauge @
You know what? I think this week I am not going to initiate off saying "Hi Boyz and Girls" or "Welcome to Spring World" or any of that…I’ll just commence by telling my ravishing members that when a some recent dark knob hits town, I am usually the 1st one all over it. Duh! I’m a BCS! The colossal! So when I saw 12 Gauge’s picture come up on a local agent’s web resource, I called just now and made it happen. This Lothario was fine! About 9 inches, fairly thick, and that dude fucked the shit without my pink gap. I was gonna call my pink gap tiny, but that is not true anymore! Hee hee…A-N-Y-ways, the solely thing I didn’t adore about 12 Gauge was the taste of his cum. I guess he hits the bong also much. U know u are what you eat, right? So treat your woman to a good man-juice load by eating fruit and veggies. Chastise your woman with a nasty spunk load by smoking up all the time! Oh expect…you don’t have a female, do u pathetic white ladies man? XOXOXOXO – Spring
12 Gauge 12 Gauge
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Black Jizz In My Womb

Black Jizz In My Womb Black Semen In My Womb
Dark-skinned Man juice In My Womb @
Tone Capone and Cuntree provide this weeks man service! I could not await for the digital camera to commence rolling, so I begin engulfing one as well as the other dark dicks while the cameraman was in one more room. Love I’ve said before, the more warm up action I give to those black dongs early on, the harder their balls work to produce the giant loads possible at the grand finale. You wont argue with my technique when u watch the size of the load Cuntree shoots against my womb during the time that I’m riding his ramrod love a crazed cowgirl. When I climb off, take a close look and check out the stupendous, thick, chunks of Cuntree’s goo load fall with out my hole, right back down onto his testicles. Hahahaha. Next up, I lay on my side on the bed to let Tone inseminate me spoon-style. My Gynecologist said me that this was one of the foremost poses for getting pregnant! Maybe this will be the magic moment! We wont know for one more 2 weeks! Until next week boyz, XXOXOXOXOXO
Black Spunk In My Womb Black Ball batter In My Womb

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Tyler Tyler
Tyler @
Hi Boys & Girls! Welcome back to SpringWorld! 🙂 So…there’s been *lots* of e-mails asking to bring on new talent. Fresh negroes. New colored fellahs. You know there’s rumors out there in my fan groups circulating that I don’t read e-mails, and nothing could be further from the truth. I adore reading all my e-mails, and all the posts everywhere, and believe me…I listen! I may not *reply* to everybody, but I listen. So I am on a darksome ramrod hunt, and I’m interviewing new coloreds every single day. This week’s update features Tyler, and lady-killer, was he a catch! (Oh expect! Did you watch me goofing off in some of the hirez stills? 🙂 After shout-outs to some of my loyal members, I get down to interviewing Tyler for my site. This lady-killer qualifies for length (just a hair short of 9") and he’s a hair puller and loves to pound white pussy, so this skirt chaser is hired! 🙂 I suppose u boys will like the end…instead of cum in my face (predictable) I make him jack his darksome penis on my desk, and I lap it up like a dog. Enjoyment! In fact I had sooo much enjoyment with Tyler I brought him back to my pad after the shoot and made him copulate me for the rest of the night! 🙂 Tee hee…I’m such a whore! Well, until next week, XOXO — Spring.
Tyler Tyler
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