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Lara Latex

Lara Latex Lara Latex
Lara Latex @

Lara Latex Lara Latex
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Nesty Nesty
Nesty @
You’d not at all guess who’s taking a journey to Europe?! It’s Charlie Mac, and the 1st thing this stud desires to do after the lengthy flight is to enjoy a traditional Hungarian meal. As he’s looking over the menu, a couple of fans spot him. They’re taken back, cause it’s strange to detect a brother in this part of Budapest. Upon closer inspection, they can’t make almost certainly of their eyes! It’s none other than Charlie Mac, and he’s one of their prefered IR sex stars from one of their very favorite sites — Blacks on Blondes. They adore to see porn as a pair, and they urge a specific experience. Spouse tells girlfriend to await whilst this man asks for an autograph, and then, after a bit of amiable conversation, a wager made: The Spouse thinks Charlie’s weenie isn’t as bigger than typical as it looks on camera, and there have to be "tricks" involved to make it appear bigger than it is. He’s willing to lay down a $10,000 note: if it’s all smoke and mirrors, Charlie owes 10 Bigger than typical; if Charlie’s actually hung adore a mule, The Boyfriend offers up the topmost thing this chab is got…his girlfriend. Who do u think wins today?

Nesty Nesty

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Alana Rains

Alana Rains Alana Rains
Alana Rains @
Alana Rains is so despairing to conceive that she’s gone to unconventional lengths to have a bun in the oven. Alana has even resorted to going through a washing list of mythical methods courtesy of old wives tales. Alana’s unfathomable crave to have a child is now in the hands (or 10-Pounder) of Jack Napier. Alana’s 1st step towards motherhood comes when this babe gets Jack’s astronomical dark link admirable and inflexible via an aggressive oral sex. The white chick’s head game is off the charts and that bawdy cleft is about Fourty minutes away from getting coated with his ghetto sauce. Jack spreads that twat open as his enormous black jock massages the walls of that glamourous cunt. Alana’s gazoo acquires jealous of its neighbors pleasure and Jack switches gears to pound that constricted hole. The only relief that gazoo receives is when Alana sucks her a-hole juice off Jack’s meaty pole. However, Alana will not receive pregnant throughout her a-hole, and Jack knows exactly where to deposit that baby-making batter. Alana’s snatch soaks in every last bit of cum that Jack dishes out and that babe has a feeling she’ll be shoving something else out in 9 months.
Alana Rains Alana Rains
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Deja Dare

Deja Dare Deja Dare
Deja Dare @
Deja Dare is one of my very bestest pals. That doesn’t mean she’s not a doxy, or a slut, or a dark-skinned meat-thermometer slut…cause that babe is all those things. And more. Much more. This babe is a CHEATER. Observe her. View me! We are CHEATERS. We cheat on our boyfriends, and we do it with Dark Fellows. My God. Why don’t they break up with us? And Deja? Well, she’s adore an Amazon Dominatrix, and that babe is an adept when it comes to Large and Black. Love me. Speaking of larger than run of the mill and dark, view BOZ The Animal. What’s that, about 12, 13 inches? It’s so big and long this lady-killer can stick it into a white girl’s muff and take up with the tongue that cunt at the same time. Talk about fun! Shit, a white dude and his 5 incher could take all the Yoga classes in the world and at no time do what BOZ does! HAHAHAHAHAHAH. You pathetic white ladies man. Jack your dinky to this. MWAH!!!!!!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Deja Dare Deja Dare

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Jon Jon And TJ

Jon Jon And TJ Jon Jon And TJ
Jon Jon And TJ @
Mexican chaps people lack the mental filter when speaking to me. This scrawny bartender came out and told he wanted to bonk me. He had the nerve to suggest up something this chab did not have: bigger than average black knob. His watered-down swallow was as bad as the horrible rap this smooth operator spat at me. I informed him that only large darksome knob would be sufficient for me and that a puny piece of shit like him would not be professional to cut it. I almost threw my drink at him when Jon Jon came in and we the one and the other made joy of the rat-faced bartender. We decided to unveil him how a white cutie loves getting drilled by large dark-skinned strapon. He was within inches of Jon Jon’s dark snake giving me a workout. We got him bare to watch what this chab was working with,(nothing at all) and had him wear a gas mask for admirable measure. Since this chab is mexican his cleaning skills were flawless as I had him clean up after Jon Jon.
Jon Jon And TJ Jon Jon And TJ

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The Lap Dancers

The Lap Dancers The Lap Dancers
The Lap Dancers @
Hello Studs! I have a laughable story for u all…and it’s *real* – we were plan to shoot a scene with this negro, and I suppose at the last minute he chickened out. Oh well. So with our room set up and no one there, we decided to call a couple ESCORTS right with out the yellow pages! Hee hee. It is so mad! We had to make a entire bunch of calls, cause plenty of the cuties didn’t crave their faces on the internet, and plenty of the cuties were whiteys. But we identified 2 super vixens, Angel and Stacy, and they came right over to give me a lap dance! We decided before we discharged the scene to kick off with a exotic dance and then "see what happens from there"…and boy it got indeed sexy in no time! Dark girls have asses that just do not stop, and during my sexy dance, I thought I was going to man cream my knickers! When you boys go to a strip joint and receive a exotic dance from a dark gal, how do you NOT make a mess in your tighty-whiteys? ROTFL. White chaps and their tighty-whiteys…HAHAHA. Oh well. I still luv ya all! XOXO – Spring
The Lap Dancers The Lap Dancers
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Sheila Marie And Alana Rains

Sheila Marie And Alana Rains Sheila Marie And Alana Rains
Sheila Marie And Alana Rains @

Sheila Marie And Alana Rains Sheila Marie And Alana Rains
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Lia Lynn Robinson

Lia Lynn Robinson Lia Lynn Robinson
Lia Lynn Robinson @
Spoiler alert: We got a girl’s 1st time with a black shlong! Lia Lynn Robinson and her girlfriend Allie James are loitering and smoking. What could possibly go not correct from this point on? Well, Allie drags Lia Lynn Robinson indoors in command to receive her 1st ever sampling of dark-skinned weenie. Allie, as it needs to be told, is a trooper when it comes to pleasing the dark man- just check the other sites in our network. Anyways, Allie’s enormous duty peer pressuring of Lia leads to the inevitable: Lia taking a dark-skinned dick for the first time in her life. Lia sucks on Jon Jon’s darksome meat during the time that getting coached along by Allie. The golden-haired devil goes back to her domain so that Lia and Jon Jon can proceed her interracial initiation. Jon Jon widens that vagina and sluggishly eases inside since it is virgin territory for dark meat. Lia’s upright smile gets drilled into near oblivion until it is death grip causes Jon Jon to fetch out and unleash his ghetto goodness all over her. One more white goddess has now been converted to dark rod thank’s to us.
Lia Lynn Robinson Lia Lynn Robinson
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AJ Applegate

AJ Applegate AJ Applegate
AJ Applegate @

AJ Applegate AJ Applegate
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Tricia Rey

Tricia Rey Tricia Rey
Tricia Rey @
Tricia Rey might be catching on now, but we shot this early, early in her career. Way previous to she started doing dark lads. Why do u think that babe even started taking IR work? Well, cause this babe came to me, and I converted her! I am being serious. Gosh she can sure take it, also…not merely is this babe a size queen, but I humiliate this poor cutie inexperienced. And that babe is solely a size queen after leaving my set! HAHAH. Everyone say "Hi" to the leader of the doxy parade — Tricia Rey! XOXO – Ruthie.

Tricia Rey Tricia Rey

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