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Dick James

Dick James Dick James
Wang James @
Hi Guys and Beauties! It is you-know-who, and welcome back to My World! 🙂 Hee hee…anyways, I’m kinda wanton today, cause I think I’m introducing a new brotha to u by the name of 10-Pounder James, and I don’t think you have observed likewise much of him. That is cause he’s recent! A new dark penis to exploit! Hee hee. I’m so wicked!! A-N-Y-ways, Dick’s packing some real heat – about 10 inches worth. That is a little above normal for the negro race, right? Oh! And guess what? He’s a shooter! 😉 which always makes things a little more interesting, right? So, sit back, kick your pants off, make sure your wifey is in daybed and in LALA Land, and begin pulling on your wee-wees. Cause I am going to out to get you off tonight! Luv & Kisses! XOXOXO – Spring
Dick James Dick James
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Mia Lelani

Mia Lelani Mia Lelani
Mia Lelani @

Mia Lelani Mia Lelani
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Amber Chase

Amber Chase Amber Chase
Amber Pursue @
Warning: The frequent use of the "n word" may cause some viewers to prematurely blow their wad. Viewer discretion is meaty advised. Amber Pursue has barely done any boy/girl porn work and her boyfriend thinks she’s here this day do acquire some girl-girl act. W-r-o-n-g! Amber lied to her partner and she’s coming to our network to get some larger than standard dark-skinned wang lastly introduced into her life. There’s a catch….Amber needs a true porn veteran to unleash the darksome meat-thermometer doxy inside her. What else does this babe need? Amber Search requires the tutoring from Wesley Pipes on overcoming her shyness of saying, um, that dreaded word…."nigger." There, we told it also. Amber’s slit acquires licked by Wesley moments in advance of that babe wraps those wet lips around his beefy slab. Wesley commands the stranger to dark pecker to take his right up her screw pipe. Amber’s partner is in the car with no idea that his girlfriend is currently getting her fur pie overstuffed by one more dudes weenie; a darksome 10-Pounder,no less. Wesley turns his attention to Amber’s arse and the "n word" proceeds to flow from her lips as if it is second nature. The gazed look on Amber’s face during the destruction of her chocolate hole indeed says it all about this interracial anal massacre. The "n word" continues to receive uttered by Amber even as Wesley proceeds to drill that large white a-hole with his darksome meat stick. Amber’s hubby has no idea that the like of his life is now one more recipient of a heavy dose of darksome man juice. That babe is got plenty of explaining to do when that babe acquires to the car and her gent sees the jizz covering her face.
Amber Chase Amber Chase
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Bailey Bliss

Bailey Bliss Bailey Bliss
Bailey Bliss @
It seems love daily a silly whore comes to Porno Land to be the next Jenna Jameson. Or the next Ruth Blackell. HAHAHAHAH. Anyways, everyone say howdy to this week’s Stoopid Slut, Bailey Bliss. Bailey came all the way from Ohio…or Indiana…or Chicago…or some place like that…got off the bus in Porno Land, thought that babe had what it takes to acquire porked by foot-long darksome 10-Pounder, and guess what? That babe could not cut the mustard. Take a view her facial expressions today, right after my friend Justin sticks his wine-bottle sized ramrod into her dunky pink gap. A pink aperture that’s had the same 5 inch white wang in it, over and over. So when I shove her head on a humongous dark-skinned weenie, it simply took her breath away. They do not grow Them adore that on white lads, do they Lustful? HAHAHAH. Chalk up Bailey as another converted whore. Oh, and that babe ran back home not quite immediately after this scene…and guess who’s all done dating white bucks back home? HAHAHAHAHAHA. MWAH!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Bailey Bliss Bailey Bliss

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Mischa Brooks

Mischa Brooks Mischa Brooks
Mischa Brooks @

Mischa Brooks Mischa Brooks
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Justin Long And Bo

Justin Lengthy And Bo Justin Lengthy And Bo
Justin Long And Bo @
Bo, the white moron, is back for the sissyboy sequel which he’s the co-star of. This chab told me that our final rencounter has been filling his dreams and that one more chance at cleaning dark man juice off of me would be incredible.When Bo’s not being a whole loser this chab is a harmonica player in a local bar band which obviously engulf. He entertained me with some awful tunes in advance of Justin Long’s bigger in size than average dark ding-dong made it’s appearance. Bo told me that ladies man was a fan of interracial porn which is a matter of joke since I’m a fan of interracial sex since white chaps just cant acquire it right. Justin’s mammoth corpulent wang got it right………………into my mouth and soaked love tunnel. It felt like I was giving birth to a 10 pound darksome 10-Pounder since that brotha is packing serious meat. Justin discharged a precious load all over my white fun bags which I hope will,one day, nurse a dark baby since I have given up on white boys.
Justin Lengthy And Bo Justin Lengthy And Bo

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Simone Sonay And Miley Mae

Simone Sonay And Miley Mae Simone Sonay And Miley Mae
Simone Sonay And Miley Mae @
Mommy and daughter have the one and the other leading deviant lifestyles and they’re about to come to an intensive melting point. Simone Sonay and her daughter, Miley May, have no idea that the other is living life on the edge. Simone is cheating on her hubby and Miley’s skipping class to drill her husband. Simone and Jack are making out when Miley May tries sneaking in to swipe a bong to use with her husband. Simone catches her daughter in the act….what’s the next logical course of act? Simone and Miley mend fences by sharing Jack’s large dark schlong during the time that Mileys father/Simone’s boyfriend is none the wiser. Two generations of dark schlong bitch work over that large black cock and in a frenzy that borders on insanity. Miley and Simone forget their family feud by sucking down a darksome schlong that’s more than their gag reflexes will allow. Simone reveals her daughter the proper method of taking 12 inches of black meat in the same place that Miley spent 9 months in. We’re treated to the one and the other ladies getting plowed by Jack’s bigger than typical sausage and Simone flaunts her daughter that squirting isn’t something to be ashamed of-it’s to be rewarded. The taboo threesome has its curtain call Mother and daughter share a hefty helping of darksome ball cream all over their faces. The family that shares dark 10-Pounder together apparently stays jointly.
Simone Sonay And Miley Mae Simone Sonay And Miley Mae
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Olivia Wilder

Olivia Wilder Olivia Wilder
Olivia Wilder @
Olivia Wilder’s boyfriend made the dreaded mistake of fighting with her and leaving her high and dry in the not correct part of the town. Olivia’s lack of funds has coercive her to hitch a ride in a place where even the cops dare not come into. Charlie Mac and Moe The Monster give a decision to be good citizens and suggest their help to the damsel in distress. Olivia accepts their suggest to assist and off they go for some joy at her boyfriend’s expense. The heart-broken doxy pays the dark strangers back by offering up that face hole and twat. Charlie and Moe aren’t one to look a gift whore in the throat, and we’re off to the interracial races! Olivia goes back and forth on one as well as the other bigger in size than average darksome rods……her hubby would burn a cross if that petticoat chaser knew what his lady was doing. Moe and Charlie take liberties with Olivia’s throat and cunt, and,of course, her groans can merely signal that that babe is forgotten all about the guy who ditched her. Olivia’s true sign of appreciation for those helpful dark-skinned knobs is evident when this babe warmly welcomes all their black nutmeg. Who says there’re no priceless people left in this world?
Olivia Wilder Olivia Wilder
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Jason Brown

Jason Brown Jason Brown
Jason Brown @
Oh my god you boyz. I’m soooooooo sorry about the update being late. I have been working my butt off getting all sorts of desirous new stuff for u chaps. Take this scene for sample, it’s one of my favorites. I guess u can tell how much I adore Mr. Brown by the way I kiss him. And that leads to me doing the maddest things. Like giving him a foot job, then giving him my ass, and then the topmost part of all… letting him dump like a gallon of darksome cum on my face! Enjoy! XOXOXO – Spring
Jason Brown Jason Brown
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Maddy O’Reilly

Maddy O Maddy O
Maddy O’Reilly @

Maddy O Maddy O
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