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Kori Kreams

Kori Kreams Kori Kreams
Kori Kreams @
I have no idea where we detected this week’s tramp. She’s so new to the porno game Ruthie had to flaunt her a thing or two. Well, just one thing: Back Rod. So I call up Ace, and since it’s his BDay today, I bring my present with out the closet and give it to Ace! Guess what? We convert one more white trash floozy. It didn’t take lengthy into this scene for Kori to figure out chocolate weenie tastes so much nicer than vanilla ones! Watch her screech in delight! Oh, I adore this scene, and I’ve no idea why. Maybe it’s cause once Kori traipsed off my set, she kinda disappeared off the face of Porno Valley! And I’m kinda hoping I’m the reason why!! I know. I know. I’m unmerciful! 🙂 XOXo – Ruthie

Kori Kreams Kori Kreams

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Jack The Black Dick

Jack The Dark Dick Jack The Dark Dick
Jack The Dark-skinned Jock @
Hey Gang! This week’s episode features (surprise!) me! I’ve a recent friend come over. His name is Antonio. Like most dark males, he’s got a big cock. And for some reason this week, I decided to do a lot of handjobbing. I just do not know what got into me. I mean sure, I suck, and screw, and eat dark seed…but I indeed stroked a lot this week. It was pleasure. And Antonio’s plump dark meat-thermometer made it even more funner. Funner. Funner? Is that a word? 🙂 AANNNNYYYway…you should watch the load that charmer drops on his tummy after a long, smooth HJ. Of course I aid clean up…with my tounge! I’m so naughty…hee hee! XOXO – Spring
Jack The Dark-skinned Dick Jack The Dark-skinned Dick
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Ash Hollywood

Ash Hollywood Ash Hollywood
Ash Hollywood @

Ash Hollywood Ash Hollywood

Visit – Diminutive Ramrod Cuckolds And Their Dark-skinned Pecker Wives @ Cuckold Sesssions | Ash Hollywood

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