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Cherie DeVille Cherie DeVille
Cherie DeVille @
There’s tons of underground, illegal gambling parlors in Southern California, and there is a dude named Mr. Kelly who runs the almost any of them. Craps is the one game a gambler really has a chance at winning; in fact, it is got the most magnificant odds for the player. Cherie DeVille is one of Mr. Kelly’s finest dealers, but today the gamblers are winning. Big. So much so, Cherie’s without chips, which means she’ll must call Mr. Kelly for a specie drop. This could take a hardly any days to happen, and our crew wants to receive paid out immediately. When poor Cherie breaks the news to ’em, our chaps take their monetary woes out on Cherie. They’re plan to acquire paid just now, that is for sure, and it’s Cherie’s mouth and pussy that tide them over until Mr. Kelly arrives to make things right.
Cherie DeVille Cherie DeVille
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Anikka Albrite

Anikka Albrite Anikka Albrite
Anikka Albrite @
Let’s face it, you have been on the road also much latterly, but your work demands it. You know your wife, Anikka, has been a little dissatisfied recently…but you haven’t had much time to even think much about it. And the times you do manage to pay attention to her during the time that you’re home, well…the sex is getting a little mundane. What you did not wait is Anikka’s next move. Let us call is "Anikka’s Surprise". During the time that you’re far away on one more business travel making cash for your family, your wife took the family camcorder and placed it on a tripod. Then, this babe crammed record. What starts out as a teaser movie for u as a gift when you return quickly turns into something you are not sure you can handle…but u view in any case. Anikka’s invited a darksome smooth operator into your bedroom, and she’s intend to bonk him on your marital bed. She’ll even do things with him she’d at not time do with u. For example, she takes him in her booty then swallows his jizz. After it is all told and done, your head is spinning. Time for a divorce? Or have her invite more chaps in next time u leave city?

Anikka Albrite Anikka Albrite

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Anna Bell Peaks

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks
Anna Bell Peaks @
Shane and Ana Belle have come to an agreement. It’s time to tell Ana Belle’s Spouse (who also happens to be friends with Shane) that they’re fuck buddies. They’re not sure how Hubby is intend to take it. Will this chap be pissed? Will there be a fist fight? Will this chab file for divorce? They’ve decided to do the right thing and tell Hubby right to his face, but first they’re plan to fuck. Indeed, it would have been the right thing to do…if Boyfriend didn’t come home from work a couple hours early. Ana Belle is freaked out until Partner makes his confession: this stud is had a gut feeling they’ve been rogering. After all, Boyfriend sees how they behave when they go out as a group: holding hands and flirting and kiss-on-the-mouth goodbyes. It turns Hubby on, and that chap doesn’t want to fight or receive a divorce; that man just urges to observe ’em get it own whilst this chab jerks his little white dinky. Ana Belle’s reply? "Oh pleasant heart, I adore u!"

Anna Bell Peaks Anna Bell Peaks

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Nikki Benz

Nikki Benz Nikki Benz
Nikki Benz @
Poor Isiah Maxwell. His girlfriend just dumped him. That babe felt Isiah was a little "too freaky" in the sheets, and that babe did not adore the fact that Isiah would ask her to perform ass stab. Thank goodness Isiah has a great friend in Nikki Benz. They’ve been platonic allies practically forever, although if u asked Isiah’s ex, well…she always felt Isiah was screwing Nikki. When Isiah tells Nikki this, the floodgates open, and it is on. What begins as a amiable hug turns into ardent giving a kiss. Soon Isiah’s tonguing cum-hole, and Nikki’s returning the favor. What stops Nikki from giving up the cunt? Absolutely nothing. What stops Nikki from giving up her constricted anal opening? Absolutely nothing. When this is all told and done, Nikki’s face is covered in Isiah’s warm goo, and they come to a mutual understanding: bonk buddies!
Nikki Benz Nikki Benz
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Anna Bell Peaks And Katrina Jade Anna Bell Peaks And Katrina Jade
Anna Bell Peaks And Katrina Jade @
They say a woman’s place is in the kitchen, which may or may not be true for Anna Bell Peaks and Katrina Jade. They’re the one and the other very compliant, but neither one of ’em cook. Who’s their guest at the dinner table? Mandingo! With an empty fridge and no knowledge of how to cook anything at all, the angels figure out to suggest themselves up as Mandingo’s meal…a meal in which Mandingo will devour. Look at those 2 super doxies take on the biggest black cock they’ve ever encountered, and when this one’s all said and done, it’ll be time for the girls to clean the mess they’ve made in the kitchen — on their knees and using merely their tongues.
Anna Bell Peaks And Katrina Jade Anna Bell Peaks And Katrina Jade
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Shawna Lenee

Shawna Lenee Shawna Lenee
Shawna Lenee @
I don’t care if you’re calling her Kara Exposed, Kara Mynor, or Shawna Lenee, but one thing’s for certain…better call her a Porno star. This babe is at the top of her game. You’re about to witness one more epoch match-up between a attractive, blond honey bunny and the one and merely Mandingo. Mandingo has arguably the colossal rod ever to step in to Porn Valley, and the skinny and big breasted Shawna is plan to give him the ride of his life. Dingo’s ramrod is as lengthy as Shawna’s arm, and that babe does her finest to jam as much of that BBC down her face hole as possible, and after that, this babe takes as much as this babe can in her taut pink fuckhole. She’s pounded until Dingo busts, and soever doesn’t get all over her face, Shawna swallows like a worthwhile little wench. Afterwards, Shawna called this scene "gold", and we couldn’t assent more!
Shawna Lenee Shawna Lenee
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