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Subil Arch

Subil Arch Subil Arch
Subil Arch @
Deputy Warden Subil Arch might hail from Russia, and her English might not be the foremost…but that babe knows how to handle a convict. Take these two convicts, for example: they’ve been isolated from the general population due to Iterated behavioral offenses, and now they’re about to initiate up afresh. They’re bitching about everything from maggots in their chow to roaches in the cell to their jumpsuits not fitting properly. They’re demanding a rencounter with The Warden, but the farthest they’re plan to get is Deputy Warden Arch. Her vital mistake? Getting too close to the bars during her lecture! Next thing this babe knows, Deputy Arch is on their turf, and in instruct to get out alive, she’s intend to play by their rules…whatever those rules happen to be!
Subil Arch Subil Arch
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Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison

Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison
Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison @
Jojo Kiss and Zelda Morrison are lifelong friends. They grew up together, went to the same schools, and cheered for the same team. They got into a lot of a predicament jointly, also! Now they’re freshmen in community college, and even though they no longer go to the same school, they’re still cheerleaders. And today their football teams are playing one another, which is where we’re rencounter ’em. It is post-game, actually, and they’re about to get over here trouble afresh. This time, Jojo is intend to drag Zelda into the men’s locker room! Why? Jojo knows Zelda’s at not time been with the darksome smooth operator, so why not let a couple of Jojo’s football player fuck buddies take a turn or two with Zelda? Who cares if Zelda has a hubby! Jojo just wishes to see the expression on Zelda’s face when she’s starting at nearly 2 feet of darksome meat. Then, it’s time to convert Zelda to a BCS!!
Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison
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Bree Haze

Bree Haze Bree Haze
Bree Haze @
One time upon a time, lengthy long agone, there was a mansion high above the Pacific Ocean in a town called Malibu. The mansion, which would come to be called Dogfart’s Secret Mansion, was a place where filthy, naughty interracial sex was documented for the world to see. In an effort to recreate these worthwhile times, Isiah and JonJon are on a mansion-buying hunt in the Hungarian Hills near the magical city of Budapest. Bree Haze, their smokin’-hot realtor, has been showing them homes all week. But that is about to change. Bree’s brought ’em to a mammoth home with indoor and outdoor pools, a guest abode, and many many rooms in which the European Snow Bunnies will be screwed well. But in advance of our Bulls present their suggest for the home, they’re going to need to give gracious, blond Bree Haze a smack of what’s to come: darksome ramrod worship, stretched cookies, plowed assholes, double penetrations, and big loads are just some of the things to come.
Bree Haze Bree Haze
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Sindy Lange Creampie

Sindy Lange Creampie Sindy Lange Creampie
Sindy Lange Sperm pie @
7 months pregnant! Only 2 more months to go before I can hold my admirable darksome baby in my arms! Byron is back to try to knock-up my good friend, Sindy Lange. This babe is such a sexy little blonde tramp. Byron is so greater than average this ladies man practically split her in two when this guy discharged his seed way up into her tiny pink snatch.

Sindy Lange Creampie Sindy Lange Creampie

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Stella Cox

Stella Cox Stella Cox
Stella Cox @
Stella Cox, Photographer. That’s what her business card says, and this babe specializes in weddings and head shots. Her 2pm appointment is with a Lothario calling himself Mr. Mandingo, which piqued Stella’s curiosity the second this babe took the appointment. And now, with this fashionable darksome smooth operator sat across from her, Stella finds herself tremendously turned on…to the point that babe loses her professionalism and makes her move. That babe sees the enormous bulge in his shorts, and it is so large it borders on fake. How could a lady-killer have such a larger than standard cock? One second Stella is talking about the bigger than standard packages this babe suggests for her work, and the next she’s on her knees, mouthing Mr. Mandingo’s humongous package! From there it is in her bawdy cleft, and then her arsehole, before she swallows his large load. It’s a day in her studio that Stella will never forget!
Stella Cox Stella Cox
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Aletta Ocean

Aletta Ocean Aletta Ocean
Aletta Ocean @
What’s the unsurpassable thing a Husband can give her BCS wife? Do I truly even have to answer that question? Go into Zack and his impressive wife, Aletta. They’ve been part of the cuckold lifestyle since they started in a relationship with years ago. Zack knows what’s up. He understands the dark man’s girth will stretch his lady’s holes open far more than this chap ever could, and why deny her that fun? Zack’s always been a voyeur, likewise, and this fellow thinks there is nothing hotter than watching his stylish wife Aletta acquire drilled out. Today’s an extra-special day for Zack and Aletta! In addition to celebrating their anniversary in a glamourous condo they rented for the occasion, Zack stumbled upon pornstar JonJon at one of Budapest’s hottest lap dancing clubs the night before! Zack hired JonJon as an anniversary gift. We all know this is a gift Aletta will never forget!

Aletta Ocean Aletta Ocean

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Nesty Nice

Nesty Nice Nesty Nice
Nesty Fine @
We final saw Nesty over at Cuckold Sessions, when Charlie Mac railed her whilst Nesty’s anxious Partner observed with passion. Today’s she’s back, after getting picked up at the local mall by our 2 bulls, JonJon and Isiah. Nesty ditched her hubby so that babe could take the lads back to her place and cook ’em a traditional Hungarian meal of Hurka. JonJon and Isiah don’t like the idea of big, darksome sausage for a meal, but they’ll happily feed Nesty their version of American Hurka: big, dark-skinned dick. Nesty jumps at her chance, and in a short time our two Bulls are railing Nesty, stretching her tight, pink hole open so far her boyfriend’s sure to know something’s up next time they group action. At the end, Nesty’s face is coated in ball batter, and she’s one glad Hungarian!
Nesty Nice Nesty Nice
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Alyssa Lynn

Alyssa Lynn Alyssa Lynn
Alyssa Lynn @
Alyssa Lynn is unhappily married. Her partner, Mr. Lynn, is a businessman who spends lots of time working, and her son, Robby, is a community high school freshman. This babe can’t live without her son very much, but that babe likes her son’s friends even more…if u know what I mean. Especially his darksome friends! So, when Robby acquires home early from school, even though this chab may seem "surprised" at his discovery, he’s truly not surprised at all. Robby’s watched his Mother flirt with all his friends, and he knows his Mamma and dad do not even sleep in the same room anymore. What surprises Robby is smth terribly taboo and unbending to admit: he became aroused and achieved an stiffy witnessing his Mama in The Act!! And when his Mommy made her discovery — that Robby was spying on her having sex love a common Peeping Tom — that babe did what some would consider the Unthinkable. Warning: this scene may shock u!
Alyssa Lynn Alyssa Lynn
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Straight To The A-Train

Straight To The A-Train Straight To The A-Train
Straight To The A-Train @
After Stud-horse had his way with me one time, that fellow decided this gent owned me for a spell, and I had no choice but to heed to his every command. And when this chab was a kid, this chab viewed a show on TV that had a Genie on it…so sure enough, I became his Genie. He dragged me over to his pal A-Train’s crib and showed me off. This charmer made it very clear I was to satisfy A-Train in in any case demanded. Remember, the niggahs share, and that’s exactly what happened here. I showed A-Train some of my oral job skills, then I banged the niggah stupid…so silly he discharged a wad all over my leg! Desirous niggah! He should know where the load goes…and it ain’t all over my leg! After that, though, things got a little without hand. I think this can be considered a 1st, cause while A-Train was up my gazoo, Stallion was hitting my cunt! Ouch! Hurts soooo worthy. I suppose had THREE orgasms whilst these two niggahs pumped away. Then, for an end treat, A-Train blew his second nut down my mouth while Stud-horse did the same. It musta gone down the incorrect pipe, cause it made me gag! Gagging on dark seed…I suppose a hotty could do worse! Hee hee!!! Savour!
Straight To The A-Train Straight To The A-Train
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Gina Gerson

Gina Gerson Gina Gerson
Gina Gerson @
If you’re following Isiah and JonJon’s outstanding adventures in Budapest, you’ll know they’ve already checked in to their Budapest vacation rental, and now they’re out to meet the smooth operator who runs one of Europe’s humongous sex disrobe clubs. It was one of the reasons they came here in the first place! The Sex Lap dancing club hired our two Darksome Bulls to mingle (and partake) in the club’s "activities". There is only one issue: the $10,000 they were to be paid for their appearance fee was in the local currency, Hungarian forints, and not US dollars, as JonJon and Isiah expected. Worse yet, $10,000 forints is a little less than $40 dollars, so u know there is gonna be conflict…until the owner’s mail-order, Russian wife makes her appearance. Her name is Gina Gerson, and this little freak is plan to make all her holes accessible, as that babe can’t live out of Darksome Bulls almost as much as Partner can’t live with out to view her get gang fucked out! Expect until you watch Isiah’s titanic pop shot deep into Gina’s tiny asshole!!

Gina Gerson Gina Gerson

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Anina Silk & Diya Noir

Anina Silk & Diya Noir Anina Silk & Diya Noir
Anina Silk & Diya Noir @
It’s couples night at the bowling alley, and our two Bulls — JonJon and Isiah — have managed to meet those 2 little barely-legals Euro Bitches in Budapest’s town center just hours earlier. The brunette is a Hungarian named Anina Silk, and the golden-haired is a Russian named Diya Noir. The one and the other know "chocolate men" are rare in this part of the world, so both are very horny to be accomplished to hang out anywhere with ’em. While public sex isn’t the norm in Budapest, it will not land u in jail…that’s for sure! With two sexually excited darksome dong bimbos and a truly slow night at the bowling lanes, do I indeed have to tell u what’s about to go down? Both angels love to be pounded, and our Russian — Diya — only craves it in the arse, cause that’s how Russian gals roll! The highlight of today’s adventure? View our Bulls bonk Diya’s taut gazoo then immediately use Anina’s mouth to clean their oversized cocks.
Anina Silk & Diya Noir Anina Silk & Diya Noir
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