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Riley Star

Riley Star Riley Star
Riley Star @
Swipe right! We’re sure you have heard that phrase previous to. Fashionable, golden-haired Riley Star sure has, especially when her hubby is out of city. Riley’s swiping right on social media whenever the profile that babe is looking at is that of a Black Bull, and this day she’s got one heading over! Thank goodness her "man" is across the country on a business trip. Riley has the house to herself! The thought of cheating with a bigger in size than run of the mill, black Bull always makes her wanna masturbate…which this babe is doing when her Bull arrives. But it is not one Bull…but two! "I was sure you were cat fishing me," The Bull says, "so I brought a friend just in case there was any trouble!" With 2 greater than average, muscular Bulls at her front door, and a partner far, far away, Riley drops to her knees and starts stuffing her face hole with their over-sized knobs. Pretty soon, they’re hitting Riley’s squishy, damp vagina across the house! They can not make almost certainly of a gal so hawt is on social media looking for dark-skinned jock! You will not believe the size of the loads they leave all over her charming face, either!
Riley Star Riley Star
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Carolina Sweets

Carolina Sweets Carolina Sweets
Carolina Sweets @
Carolina Sweets has a couple problems. 1st is her "man", Timmy. He is indeed not a ladies man if his wang is miniature and he’s a "two-pump chump", right? Carolina’s second problem is her obsession with her father’s finest friend. Carolina cant prevent thinking about him! He’s a Dark Bull who’s dominated her fantasies, and that dude is on his way over to play golf with her dad! What Carolina isn’t telling him is Dad’s on a last-minute business trip! This means Carolina’s got a discharged at him! The skinny little snow bunny does her superlatively nice to seduce him, and sure sufficient…once the promises are made, Carolina finds herself on her knees and her crazy face hole stuffed with dark meat! And observe the way Carolina’s eyes roll into the back of her heads when this babe is so "stretched"! It doesn’t matter "Little Timmy" blows her phone up whilst this babe is fucking her Bull! She’ll even do as the Bull commands and break up with Timmy right in the midst of their screw session! "Now drink my load!" The Bull commands. "But I don’t gulp!" Uh huh. Sure you don’t, Wanton! Resembles Carolina’s got a recent spouse…one who’s maturer, wiser, dominating…and well hung!
Carolina Sweets Carolina Sweets
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Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes Riley Reyes
Riley Reyes @
Welcome to your very own cuckold session! Your cuckoldress this day is blonde beauty Riley Reyes, and she’s about to knock u down a pair pegs. If your self-esteem is fragile, better tap out now…unless, of course, having a attractive golden-haired humiliatrix is your kink. If that’s the case, make sure your wife (or girlfriend) isn’t around, pull your trousers down, and kick off beating that small worm that lives betwixt your legs as you view a real man have his way with a woman you’ll at not time have a shot at!! Today’s Bull is No Joke: in addition to his 6’3", 240-pound, chiseled frame, he’s packing 10" of girthy, uncut meat. Super floozy Riley has been dicked down a ton, but today’s Bull is gonna stretch her slit as far as it’ll go! When she’s not moaning in delight, that babe is laughing at your pathetic arse. I mean just view you! Creepy voyeur! When you’re not looking at the faces Riley makes taking all that pecker, you are secretly looking at all that jock!! More wondrous not piss off The Bull! U do not urge a beat down! What do you crave? To have Riley feed u his cream, whether it is directly without her vagina…or from the man juice load in her hands! She’ll feed it to u as The Bull (and Riley) chuckle their booty off. U pathetic white boi!!
Riley Reyes Riley Reyes

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Monica Sage

Monica Sage Monica Sage
Monica Sage @
Our scene spreads with The Bulls taking on a recent job! They’re adding "picker" to their "porn star" job. You know pickers? They scour garage and estate sales, flea markets and trash cans, looking for treasures they can resell on the internet! They’ve discovered a "honey hole", a abode with so many uncommon things, it’ll make their month! What they stumble upon is smth so uncommon and so fashionable, The Bulls can not make no doubt of their eyes! A robot soft life-like and real it’s not quite surreal!! And once they squeeze a tit, the looker comes alive! "I’m Monica! I am 19 years aged and I am from Kazakhstan!" Turns out Monica doesn’t do the dishes, your laundry…or cook your food. That babe is a "Pleasure Model", which means solely one thing: Monica’s throat, twat and arse are wide open! The Bulls run their train, using (and abusing) all of Monica’s holes until they dump all over her! The merely bad thing about today? The owner isn’t ready to part with his "Pleasure Bot!"
Monica Sage Monica Sage
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