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Mi Ha Doan

Mi Ha Doan Mi Ha Doan
Mi Ha Doan @
Mi Ha Doan owns a successful graphic design firm, and that babe employs tons of people. Her prefered employee? A fellah named Jax. Mi has been "crushing" on Jax for months. Mi likes the fact this guy is so tall and has large muscles. That babe often catches herself thinking about his like muscle, also! Today, Mi is gonna make her move. She’s kept Jax after work, so they could "make a deadline"…but the solely deadline Mi is thinking about is her self-imposed deadline to ride his greater than standard cock. She starts their meeting with presentation; however, Mi forgot that babe had some porn on her computer! Jax doesn’t know what to think when, instead of a graphic on the television there was porn! That’s when Mi makes her move. Pretty soon they’re mouthing and rogering right in the office! Mi doesn’t want jizz all over her work hot outfit, so she swallowed Jax’s large load! Time to get back to work!!
Mi Ha Doan Mi Ha Doan
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Sharon Lee

Sharon Lee Sharon Lee
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Sharon Lee lives in Paris with her rich partner, but she’s originally from Vietnam. Spouse and Sharon are visiting the States, ‘cuz Husband has a lot of business here. This leaves Sharon all by herself, so Hubby hired a personal guide for Sharon. His job? Display her around. Show her a worthwhile time. Take Sharon to the beaches and amusement parks and shopping and everything else Sharon craves. Certainly Boyfriend never thought Sharon might crave the guide himself, but there she’s…going over the day’s plans as that babe rubs his shlong throughout his pants. Sharon’s at not time been with a darksome woman chaser previous to, and this babe can’t keep her mind off having sex with him! Soon Sharon has The Stud’s over-sized wang in her face hole. It barely fits! Sharon’s truly worried if it’ll fit in her constricted, constricted muff…and if it does, will The Guy stretch her muff out so much that Boyfriend might discover her infidelity later? Sharon can not assist herself, and after The Guy brings Sharon to orgasm by eating her cookie, he copulates it unbending until it’s time to paint Sharon’s consummate bumpers with his large, big load! The Stud’s cum sprays her ample marangos down! Now it’s time to go sightseeing!!
Sharon Lee Sharon Lee
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Sadie Holmes

Sadie Holmes Sadie Holmes
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Just take a observe Sadie Holmes. What a cheater! Literally five minutes agone she was in the produce aisle of her grocery store, where that babe spent over half an hour flirting with the handsome hunk of a Lothario who’s now in her marital sofa!! It started with, "look how larger than run of the mill this cucumber is!" to "yes, that is the ottoman I sleep with my partner in!" Now, for the very 1st time in her excited M.I.L.F. life, she’s rogering a black guy! He’s got a humongous penis on him, likewise! Sadie starts with a enormous make-out session before the chap begins working her sopping moist twat with his tongue. Then, Sadie endevoured to ram that over-sized jock in her face hole, but it would barely fit! It sure did stretch out her muff though! That’s the point where Sadie decided to watch if it would fit in her tight, constricted anal opening. Boyfriend doesn’t even have to tap her anal opening! And did u noticed Sadie’s bright, glossy wedding ring? Her buck goes from her butt to her wet crack to dump a huge load in Sadie’s fertile womb, even though this babe is ovulating! How does this whole tryst end? You are plan to be as shocked as Sadie!
Sadie Holmes Sadie Holmes
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