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Hollie Mack

Hollie Mack Hollie Mack
Hollie Mack @
It is tough to count on anything in Porn Valley — from the cast showing up on time, to a model even showing up at all. That’s why Isiah is so piddled. His scene’s just been cancelled, and this chab needed to make rent this month. What’s this chab intend to do? He has no idea, but his problem’s about to be solved: a porn fan, Hollie Mack, just spotted Isiah in his Dogfart t-shirt, and this babe stops to meet him. Hollie Mack’s a stupendous fan of IR porn. She loves the way diminutive little white girls take immense BBC, and she tells Isiah so. Which is when Isiah gives a decision to make Hollie Mack’s fantasy happen. At 1st, this babe is reluctant, but soon that babe is taking Isiah’s mountainous cock in her very 1st experience with a darksome stud — on or off digi camera. Until Isiah fills her pussy with a titanic wad of semen. And guess who’s not on the pill!?!
Hollie Mack Hollie Mack
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Nadia Ali

Nadia Ali Nadia Ali
Nadia Ali @
Ever wonder how a college keeps its football players maintaining an appropriate grade point everyday to keep ’em eligible for the team? Welcome to Ms. Nadia Ali’s class, "Introduction to Diversity: Dialogues in Today’s World". Yeap. It’s one of these kind of courses. And today’s rowdy bunch are a tough group to handle. Ms. Ali tries to keep their attention, but in the end, things get our of control…and, yep, erotic. The men can’t make almost certainly of how attractive Ms. Ali is as layer after layer of garments are removed, and the boys have been sexy for teacher since the first day of class. Check out as every boy takes his turn with Ms. Ali, and, in the end, her impressive face is soaked in cum. Now that is what Team Dogfart calls a dialogue!
Nadia Ali Nadia Ali
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Kaci Starr

Kaci Starr Kaci Starr
Kaci Starr @
I’m taking applications for Bimbos. Slut Applications. Not just any bimbo, either. I wish hotty who shall be whores for darksome penis. No Whites Allowed! Kaci Starr answered my advert early in her porno career. This babe was nervous for the interview, and that babe sure did act it! It is subrigid, though, to conceal your nervous abdomen when The Dark Skirt chaser pulls out his titanic member, and that is what happens during Kaci’s interview. That babe is so wholesome. She’s so girl-next-door. That babe is so CONVERTED. Bye bye, white boys. After Kaci’s aperture receives a massive black jock invading it, this babe is all done with you! Look at that thing! It goes to her belly button! My gosh…no wonder she’s all done with the white dude! HAHAHA. Chalk up one more conversion for Ruthie! XOXO.

Kaci Starr Kaci Starr

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Train My Butt Part 2

Train My Booty Part 2 Train My A-hole Part 2
Teach My A-hole Part TWO @
Hey there cuties and boys! It’s time for another video of Spring World! Tee hee. So plenty of u love seeing me acquire ram shoved up my bunger, so here ya go…another lesson in the School of Wazoo! :( You chaps already know I’m not a big fan of foreign objects up my poop-chute, but I’ll do nearly anything for my members, and after a complete bunch of e-mails not lengthy ago, I thought why not? It is for you, Dear Member, and I’ll grimace throughout lots of pang to make you pleased. And I think you are plan to be glad this day. Watch…I put nothing into my enjoyable muff. U heard right. Not a thing. Um, well. Weed put his tounge in there, and made it feel indeed valuable, untill I shudder…but that’s it! Nothing else. My butt just acquires hammered this week. Oh, and I receive some gazoo plugs shoved up there. Oh, and a sugar-plum. And of course what’s a admirable angel to do after a sour apple pop is jammed up your water closet than take a little smack. Or 2! :) :(…ewww. But I did it, and I did it with a smile on my face, and that counts for smth, right? XOXOXOXOX – Spring.
Train My Booty Part 2 Train My Ass Part 2
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Alina West

Alina West Alina West
Alina West @
Alina West is on the freshman cheer squad at her community high school. Her husband, Joe, QB’s the team. Rob Piper is the school’s star full back. Alina’s barely-legal, and that babe is a lascivious little devil. Her issue? And the reason she’s walking home after the game with Rob? Well, her boyfriend is a Christian, and this smooth operator makes no doubt of it is superlatively valuable to await until marriage previous to having sex. Alina desires meat-thermometer very badly, and this babe talks to Rob in confidence about this. Rob suggests they go back to his place, and Alina acquiesces, as lengthy as they’re no "funny business". Back at his crib, Rob puts all the moves on Alina…but to no avail. This babe doesn’t wish to cheat on Joe! In a list-ditch effort, pulls a move any All-American playa would be proud of, and sure enough — it works. Alina’s very first interracial sex! 1st IR anal, to boot! Quick question for y’all — if it solely goes in her wazoo, that’s supposed to mean she is not cheating on Joe…right?
Alina West Alina West
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Abbey Rain

Abbey Rain Abbey Rain
Abbey Rain @
Bet you’ve at not time heard of Dogfart Records! No…it’s not a recent, hip-hop label started by Rob Piper and Rico Meaty. Dogfart Records is, however, a new way for Rico and Rob to enslave Snow Bunnies in their lair, dangle an imaginary internship in front of their noses, and then pull the age-old "casting couch" routine on them. It is a trick as mature as Hollywood itself, and you know how it goes. Here’s the funny part — even when the cuties aren’t too willing, they’ll don’t quite everything for a cool job in Hollywood! Even cheat on their spouse for a chance at an important job at an up-and-coming record label. They might not like it also much, but hey — a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Even if it means letting the one and the other the dark-skinned chaps bust in your little slit…and without being on birth control to boot!
Abbey Rain Abbey Rain
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Sadie Blair

Sadie Blair Sadie Blair
Sadie Blair @

Sadie Blair Sadie Blair

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Miley May And Monique Symone

Miley May And Monique Symone Miley May And Monique Symone
Miley May And Monique Symone @
Staff. If you’re a business owner, u know what a handful they can be. Come into Miley May. She’s one of those who takes excessive smoke breaks, checks texts and e-mails on company time, and, sure sufficient, she’s been lifting product out the back of the warehouse with her shitty spouse. How did the CEO of the company detect all this? Well, there is valuable workers, also. Ones who work rock hard, and care about the company that employs ’em. Go into Monique Symone. This babe has the boss’s back, even when the boss has some unethical ways of disciplining Miley May, and even though Miley is reluctant to take her punishment, this babe knows her merely other choice is jail.
Miley May And Monique Symone Miley May And Monique Symone
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Brooke Wylde

Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
Brooke Wylde @
Brooke Wylde is a Darksome Rod Slut. Actually, she’s. This ain’t no porno talk, or b.s. marketing scheme. Brooke loves the dark stud — on or off digi camera. And when u ask her why, Brooke carefully formulates an answer — just to make certain she is clearly understood. Brooke uses words adore "swagger" and "confidence" and "size", and she’ll tell stories of Friday-night exotic dancing club activities, in which the dark-skinned smooth operator will approach, slap her butt, and pull her to the dance floor (a white stud would be slapped for such behaviors) in advance of this chab takes Brooke home to bonk all night. This day, the Blacks on Blondes members are in for a specific treat. This is Brooke’s very 1st time simultaneously entertaining 2 dark dudes. The result? Multiple, (and very real) on-camera orgasms, before our two darksome bulls put Brooke on her knees for a double reward.
Brooke Wylde Brooke Wylde
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Kitty Kitty
Kitty @
You know what’s laughable about this week’s update? Max Black’s mountainous ding-dong is about as big as this week’s doxy — Lil’ Miss Kitty. That babe is about 4 foot 9, and I guess Max’s knob is, like, 4 foot 5. ROTFL. Well, not really, but Kitty can barely receive her tiny Oriental mouth around his dick head. After Max stretches out her face, he goes str8 for the snatch. And this chab simply annihilates it. Wrecks it. And u know what? Kitty loved each second of it…and so did I…and so did Max. Look at that golden smile across Max’s ghetto face! View the 3 of us by scene’s end: that is one gratified Negro. And one pleasured White Cutie. And one satisfied slant. HAHAH. I am so terrible, sometimes I scare myself. Please do not be afraid of me! XOXO — Ruthie

Kitty Kitty

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Harmoni Kalifornia

Harmoni Kalifornia Harmoni Kalifornia
Harmoni Kalifornia @
The Queen of Spades. It is more than just a playing card in a 52-card deck. It’s a lifestyle. For those of you who’ve not at all heard of it beyond a card game, The Queen of Spades is a white honey bunnys who has dedicated her life to BBC. You’ll know a true Q of Spades by the tattoo, usually located on the nape of the neck — or her back. Harmoni Kalifornia is an internet legend; in fact, you probably already know who she’s…which means, you know she is a True Queen of Spades. And this day, this babe is just hanging out in LA and envisaging for something to happen when Shane Diesel spots Harmoni, flying her tat in public. That ladies man even has to give the youthful Bull Isiah Maxwell a Queen of Spades lesson, and then, back at the crib, it does actually go down. Being the true Queen that this babe is, Harmoni asked for more, so why not toss Jack Napier into the mix? You know her white hubby will be jerking his dinky to this epic scene!
Harmoni Kalifornia Harmoni Kalifornia
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