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Barbie Cummings

Barbie Cummings Barbie Cummings
Barbie Cummings @
Barbie Cummings is such a sexy little Darksome Penis Whore. Rumor has it Barbie will have her own BCS web page very pretty soon! She wants to get impregnated by a darksome stud also …strictly for the child support! And Jack Napier is just the man to do it. Jack filled her muff with his larger than typical darksome load. Each drop went deep into her womb and it ain’t coming out until it is a baby!
Barbie Cummings Barbie Cummings

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Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe
Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe @
Poor little Nate. Just view him. He’s heartbroken…and for good reason. He caught his girlfriend with a darksome gent. At first, mommy endevoured to console him, but it’s been a complete week and Nate still doesn’t receive it. "Why would that babe cheat on me, Mother? I’m a smart skirt chaser and I am in college!" So mama is gonna show a little "tough love" and teach Nate the ways of the world. She’s enlisted her naughty step-daughter, Liza, to drive the lesson home. Why? Liza is just love Nate’s girlfriend. This babe has a white partner…and a darksome bonk buddy. And Nate’s mama, Cherie? She is happily married to her provider while that babe bonks dark fellows as well. Nate’s about to get a first-hand look at how relationships work in the 21st century, and after it’s all told and done, we all know he’ll go back to his girlfriend — with a dozen roses and an apology.
Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe Cherie DeVille & Liza Rowe
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The Cheaters

The Cheaters The Cheaters
The Cheaters @
Greetings Boyz! Welcome to this week’s update! Meet my recent pal Chloe. We have only known each other a scarcely any days, but we identified out, nearly just now, that we have one thing in common: we’re cheaters! 🙂 Hee hee…and we’re *so* wicked. Chloe is married. She’s been married for a while. And she cheats on her boyfriend. And merely with DARKSOME BOYZ! U all know I love to cheat on *all* my boyfriends…and solely with DARK-SKINNED BUCKS! 😉 This is a great scene cause I introduce Chloe to 11 inches of dark, dark-skinned meat…this is, of course, after we’ve played with one one more for a whilst. I loved touching with tongue Chloe’s white arse as much as all the darksome butt I have eaten! And when it was time to eat darksome seed, we were both what you’d call "eager beavers" 🙂 HEE HEE….well, have pleasure! And wait untill you watch what happens next week! It just keeps getting crazier and crazier around here! Untill then — XOXO — Spring.
The Cheaters The Cheaters
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McKenzie Lee

McKenzie Lee McKenzie Lee
McKenzie Lee @
It’s a sexy summer day, and the fellahs are chillin’ by the pool, envisaging for something to go down. Sure sufficient, it’s just a matter of time previous to McKenzie Lee, darksome rod bitch, makes her appearence. That babe desires to go swimming, and that babe knows it is not plan to be an effortless task getting the workers to take a dip with her. Moreover, who wants to go swimming when all 3 of McKenzie’s luscious, soaked holes are open for business! The fellahs warm up in the back yard, using her throat and skull fucking her previous to moving to a cooler location in dictate to actually heat things up. Once there, it is a free-for-all. Seven well-hung darksome dudes use McKenzie in instruct to drain their swollen nut sacs! This babe is even "air tight" through much of this session, with BBC filling her mouth, her well used cookie, and her taut chocolate hole all at the same time. Once the fellahs empty their balls, McKenzie cleans up…eating all that nourishing darksome seed.
McKenzie Lee McKenzie Lee
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Dahlia Sky

Dahlia Sky Dahlia Sky
Dahlia Sky @
Meet Dahlia Sky, swim instructor. Dahlia’s been teaching swim classes for several years now, and this babe loves all her students. Even the ones who tend to be tough to handle…hard to control. From time to time she deals with unruly students, and this particular class has always been a handful. Just view ’em! You’d at not time guess they’d be swimmers, and rightly so. In fact, almost any of them hate to swim. Why are they there? Well, as one of the students put it, "takes a snow bunny in the pool to get the niggahs in!" Sure sufficient, it doesn’t take likewise lengthy before our Homies have Dahlia out of the pool for another round of mouthing BBC! The men are just as hawt for teacher as teacher is for the boyz! It’s a baker’s dozen for Dahlia, who works every 10-Pounder with her face hole as though it were her pink, tight bawdy cleft…until all 13 unload their monumental jocks all over her nice-looking face!!

Dahlia Sky Dahlia Sky

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Kaci Starr & Wes

Kaci Starr & Wes Kaci Starr & Wes
Kaci Starr & Wes @
Wesley Pipes is such a everyday ghetto negro. He is absolutely in denial that the daddy of my baby could possibly be him. Today Kaci Starr avoided by to acquire herself impregnated, but Wes was reluctant. Sure this chab wanted to fuck Kaci’s ravishing little holes, but that man had second thoughts about shooting his nut into her seize. Commonplace negro didn’t listen to his instructions & shot his wad up in her arsehole. No black baby for Kaci 🙁
Kaci Starr & Wes Kaci Starr & Wes

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Stallion Stallion
Stud-horse @
I was soooo bad this week I can not even truly get into it here. Well, I can tell u this…I was engaged. It was a short time, and this darksome jock training session was right in the centre of it all the *drama* The complete time I was engaged it was very odd. See, I keep my dark boys in the closet, so to speak. No one truly knows about ’em. And when I got an e-mail from Stud-horse, right after I hit him up in the "WhtGirl_Blkmen" chatroom, I had to answer and meet him…whether I was engaged or not. Watch, Stud-horse guaranteed me in the e-mail that his darksome shlong was fatter than just about any I had observed, so I had to take him up on the suggest. I said him my cameraman would be there, and that didn’t a predicament Stallion one bit. When that skirt chaser showed up, and I brushed up against the rock hard strapon in his shorts…and I felt it…I knew that skirt chaser was not lying. My fiance went right out of my mind, and the next thing I knew I was Stallion’s villein, and beneath his command for as lengthy as he craved. When that guy starting hitting it, that petticoat chaser came nearly immediately…but that was his plan. Love majority darksome guys, Stallion has total control over when he cums and how much, so this gent decided it was time to let me smack a bit of his darksome seed. Oh chap…did I receive a taste! I just about drowned in it all! But this woman chaser wasn’t done. His penis stayed rock hard, and without losing a beat, that lady-killer flipped me over and continued to make me worship his thick darksome manhood. I can’t make no doubt of that Lothario got that fatso jock up my wazoo…but this chab did. He commanded it. This chab even choked me out a bit, making my eyes roll up into the back of my head…crazy! His second load was as thick and creamy as his 1st, and…to tell you the truth…after my cameraman left this man filled me up with 2 more loads. 4! In one night! As merely a dark-skinned buck can!!!
Stallion Stallion
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Lana Rhoades

Lana Rhoades Lana Rhoades
Lana Rhoades @
Before her anticipated arrival to Porn Valley, Lana Rhoades had by no means been banged by a darksome ladies man. This babe said us that. She too said us this babe was very anxious for that experience, so she told her agent she’d immediately commence doing interracial sex scenes. With just a tiny in number below her strap, her prepossession is now obvious: from Lana’s preference to calling Prince her "daddy" to the expressions on her face as her love tunnel is being stretched by the BBC to places she’s not at any time felt before. In the end, it is a large drink for slender Lana Rhoades, who some are betting will be The Next Big Thing.
Lana Rhoades Lana Rhoades
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Brooklyn Seek & Lisa Tiffian Brooklyn Search & Lisa Tiffian
Brooklyn Follow & Lisa Tiffian @
In addition to being "besties", Brooklyn Search and Lisa Tiffian are next-door neighbors. They’ve been friends for years, and in times of bother, they have every other’s back. Which is why Brooklyn is sat in Lisa’s kitchen — sad and lonely. Brooklyn’s spouse is out on one more business journey, and even when that guy is home, they’re not glad. Sex is horrible. Brooklyn’s married to a "small" smooth operator. After hearing her out, Lisa gives a decision she’s going to change Brooklyn’s day. What starts as a little back rub and a kiss quickly escalates to some sexy lesbo act. And expect until Lisa’s boyfriend swings by to truly cheer Brooklyn up! His immense 13-inch dick is so thick Brooklyn can not wrap her hands around it! Wait til u watch him destroy both these worked-up, excited ladies!!
Brooklyn Search & Lisa Tiffian Brooklyn Chase & Lisa Tiffian
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Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore Melissa Moore
Melissa Moore @
Melissa Moore is engaged to be married, and in addition to arranging for the one and the other her engagement and wedding pix, Melissa is gonna surprise her stud with some boudoir fotos! This babe is so horny to pick some sexy underware to display off, and she is not just showing off for her future husband…she’s showing off for her hot photographer! His name is Isiah, and Melissa’s a little worried about the monogamy that comes with marriage. This babe is like one "last hurrah", so she is intend to put the moves on and engulf and fuck behind her man’s back. After it is all said and done though, will this actually be a final hurrah?
Melissa Moore Melissa Moore

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Angel Smalls

Angel Smalls Angel Smalls
Goddess Smalls @
After they get married, Girl Smalls and her fiance are plan to inherit her father’s business. This lady-killer retires soon. So whilst Dad and future-hubby are on vacation discussing the details on how to hand over the business, Angel’s leaking the place. And she’s got problems. We all know the old saying: when the cat’s away, the mice will play. And play they do! Her mechanics are an unruly group of chaps, and they about to turn their bad behavior on the future owner’s wife…and their boss’s daughter! Do you think they care about her engagement? Or that engagement ring?! After all, since they all started working there, Goddess doxies around, wearing skimpy alluring raiment just to tanalise ’em during the time that they labor for her daddy. Now all those frustrations are about to be realized — and taken out — on all of slim Angel’s small holes!
Angel Smalls Angel Smalls
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