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Kinzy Jo & Byron

Kinzy Jo & Byron Kinzy Jo & Byron
Kinzy Jo & Byron @
Byron Long is a fortunate skirt chaser. This lady-killer receives to screw white whores each day. And this day, I let him copulate my ally Kinzy Joe who is fuckin’ HAWT. Not merely does he acquire to fucker her, but this fellow gets to discharge his seed deep into her 20 year aged womb & impregnate her! That babe got so concupiscent about screwing his massive black ding-dong that she creamed all over his 10-Pounder, in advance of this guy creamed up in her muff.
Kinzy Jo & Byron Kinzy Jo & Byron

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Jojo Kiss

Jojo Kiss Jojo Kiss
Jojo Kiss @
Check out Jojo Kiss and her guy, Damien. What freaks! They’re in the washroom, scheming together on how Jojo will tempt and shag Damien’s personal coach, Jax, whilst Damien watches. Damien doesn’t care if he has to peer through the porch window, or get close up to observe the buff, darksome bull have his way with Jojo! Of course he’d love most of all to be as close as possible (which happens), and he’d most like his woman to acquire railed (which happens), and ‘cuz this chab is so freaky, he wishes to make sure Jojo receives cleaned up after the darksome bull makes his mess. This happens, too. What a pleasing, cheerful pair! And Jax? Well…he has another client to add to his roster.
Jojo Kiss Jojo Kiss

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Ghetto N.

Ghetto N. Ghetto N.
Ghetto N. @
Ghetto N. is one of my very *first* black meat-thermometer training sessions, as u can see here. Well, let me back up. Ghetto N. is from the West Coast 🙁 and this dude was in Atlanta on some serious bidniss: collecting money, making deliveries, and oozing from the PO-PO. (That’s police in Ghetto Talk). Even though this chab is Westside, I still *luv* him. Listen very carefully at the begining of the scene: this woman chaser uses the N WORD and I tell him to shut up. By the end of the scene, I was callin him a niggah! HA-HA-HA Oh, and I not quite forgot…his 9 1/2 inch dark pee-pee felt worthy sliding up my juicy hole. He wanted very badly to invade my a-hole, but I told Ghetto N. I’m not at at stage of my dark shlong training!! Naive niggah! What’s going throughout that black brain of his furthermore?!?! Oh well, Ghetto N. needed very badly to chill out after a lengthy day workin’ da streets, and who am I to say no? Shit, I might even work the streets, also…all Ghetto N. is got to do is axe! JK!!! Until next week! XOXOXO….Spring
Ghetto N. Ghetto N.
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Liza Rowe

Liza Rowe Liza Rowe
Liza Rowe @
She may be an adult, but this babe still lives below her parent’s roof, so this means when it is time to shag, Liza has to sneak ’em in. This day, while her parents are out of city, barely-legal brace-face Liza Rowe is gonna entertain the gigantic dick she’s ever observed in her life. He’s darksome, of course, and this Lothario goes by a single name: Mandingo! Liza’s plan to do her most worthwhile to choke all 13 inches of that biggest rod down her mouth. After that, it is time for Mandingo to destroy her dunky, barely-legal twat. Will it even fit? Can she take ‘Dingo balls deep? Based on her sexual history (mostly white bucks), the answer’s probably no. But view and see. In the end, Liza’s got a abdomen full of man-juice, and she’s meat-thermometer drunk. Can you blame her?
Liza Rowe Liza Rowe

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Cherry & I Are BCB’s!

Cherry & I Are BCB Cherry & I Are BCB
Cherry & I Are BCB’s! @
Today’s little black 10-Pounder bitch is Cherry Poppins. Cherry & I may in a short time be related. How, u ask? Cuz Rico pumped his dark load into her gorgeous red-haired slit today. And if this dude is the father of my baby, AND Cherry receives pregnant with his baby, then our babies will be sisters. …so what does that make us? Black dick harlots!
Cherry & I Are BCB Cherry & I Are BCB

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Shane Diesels Gigantic Darksome Cock Shane Diesels Giant Dark Cock
Shane Diesels Mountainous Darksome Dick @
This week’s training session features the adore of my life, Shane! OMG I *LUV* Shane. He’s such a sweetie. U know, they used to call him Mr. Thick, and for precious reason 😉 Love most dark men, Shane is very well-endowed and can keep it upright for lengthy periods of time. Look closely…he’s soooooo thick, I cant even come close to wrapping my hands around his darksome manhood! It is very long, likewise! Nearly THREE hands!!! WOW! Oh, it feels sooooo valuable inside, too. Mr. Thick — er, Shane — is so experienced at lengthy stroking and being expert to hold out for lengthy periods of time in advance of that buck cums. This buck wore me out! Here’s the fun part…Shane did something to me I just will not let any boy do…it’s called a "creampie". Watch, this petticoat chaser filled me up with his semen! Hee hee!! And it felt so worthwhile leaking out of me…warm and sticky. I scooped some up with my hands to taste it, and his dark-skinned seed is like *all* dark seed…sweet and tangy at the same time. I scooped out most of it (trust me, there was *a lot*) and I think whatver I missed just stayed in. This usually grosses me out, but not with the niggahs! Savour!!
Shane Diesels Mammoth Darksome Cock Shane Diesels King-size Black Cock
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Subil Arch

Subil Arch Subil Arch
Subil Arch @
Deputy Warden Subil Arch might hail from Russia, and her English might not be the foremost…but that babe knows how to handle a convict. Take these two convicts, for example: they’ve been isolated from the general population due to Iterated behavioral offenses, and now they’re about to initiate up afresh. They’re bitching about everything from maggots in their chow to roaches in the cell to their jumpsuits not fitting properly. They’re demanding a rencounter with The Warden, but the farthest they’re plan to get is Deputy Warden Arch. Her vital mistake? Getting too close to the bars during her lecture! Next thing this babe knows, Deputy Arch is on their turf, and in instruct to get out alive, she’s intend to play by their rules…whatever those rules happen to be!
Subil Arch Subil Arch
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Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison

Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison
Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison @
Jojo Kiss and Zelda Morrison are lifelong friends. They grew up together, went to the same schools, and cheered for the same team. They got into a lot of a predicament jointly, also! Now they’re freshmen in community college, and even though they no longer go to the same school, they’re still cheerleaders. And today their football teams are playing one another, which is where we’re rencounter ’em. It is post-game, actually, and they’re about to get over here trouble afresh. This time, Jojo is intend to drag Zelda into the men’s locker room! Why? Jojo knows Zelda’s at not time been with the darksome smooth operator, so why not let a couple of Jojo’s football player fuck buddies take a turn or two with Zelda? Who cares if Zelda has a hubby! Jojo just wishes to see the expression on Zelda’s face when she’s starting at nearly 2 feet of darksome meat. Then, it’s time to convert Zelda to a BCS!!
Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison Jojo Kiss And Zelda Morrison
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Bree Haze

Bree Haze Bree Haze
Bree Haze @
One time upon a time, lengthy long agone, there was a mansion high above the Pacific Ocean in a town called Malibu. The mansion, which would come to be called Dogfart’s Secret Mansion, was a place where filthy, naughty interracial sex was documented for the world to see. In an effort to recreate these worthwhile times, Isiah and JonJon are on a mansion-buying hunt in the Hungarian Hills near the magical city of Budapest. Bree Haze, their smokin’-hot realtor, has been showing them homes all week. But that is about to change. Bree’s brought ’em to a mammoth home with indoor and outdoor pools, a guest abode, and many many rooms in which the European Snow Bunnies will be screwed well. But in advance of our Bulls present their suggest for the home, they’re going to need to give gracious, blond Bree Haze a smack of what’s to come: darksome ramrod worship, stretched cookies, plowed assholes, double penetrations, and big loads are just some of the things to come.
Bree Haze Bree Haze
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Sindy Lange Creampie

Sindy Lange Creampie Sindy Lange Creampie
Sindy Lange Sperm pie @
7 months pregnant! Only 2 more months to go before I can hold my admirable darksome baby in my arms! Byron is back to try to knock-up my good friend, Sindy Lange. This babe is such a sexy little blonde tramp. Byron is so greater than average this ladies man practically split her in two when this guy discharged his seed way up into her tiny pink snatch.

Sindy Lange Creampie Sindy Lange Creampie

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Stella Cox

Stella Cox Stella Cox
Stella Cox @
Stella Cox, Photographer. That’s what her business card says, and this babe specializes in weddings and head shots. Her 2pm appointment is with a Lothario calling himself Mr. Mandingo, which piqued Stella’s curiosity the second this babe took the appointment. And now, with this fashionable darksome smooth operator sat across from her, Stella finds herself tremendously turned on…to the point that babe loses her professionalism and makes her move. That babe sees the enormous bulge in his shorts, and it is so large it borders on fake. How could a lady-killer have such a larger than standard cock? One second Stella is talking about the bigger than standard packages this babe suggests for her work, and the next she’s on her knees, mouthing Mr. Mandingo’s humongous package! From there it is in her bawdy cleft, and then her arsehole, before she swallows his large load. It’s a day in her studio that Stella will never forget!
Stella Cox Stella Cox
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