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Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews
Brittany Andrews @
Brittany Andrews makes her first IR comeback in over Twenty years just for Dogfart! This is her third IR scene in history and we are please to have it. Brittany scored on Craigslist today. Usually the studs she goes after thinks shes nothing but a catfish and no show, but today that babe landed two lengthy dicked guys to come screw her in front of her well-paying cuck of a partner. She assures the gentlemen hes got a mannequin cookie for a weenie and is no threat at all. They have enjoyment the cash and the king-size bazookas on the sexy blond so they arent likewise worried about the sniveling sack of skin shes standing on. Rico and Slim go balls deep in Brittanys wazoo, or her spouse hole as this babe calls it, and after a hearty facial, they leave. Brittany allows her partner to join her on the daybed. This dude licks her face and milk cans clean love a valuable puppy and that babe assures him she hasnt forgotten about his award either. After taking a glob of the Craigslist strangers cum off her chin, she rubs it on the end of a lengthy darksome marital-device for lube and pops it right into her husbands aperture. In her Dogfart launch, Brittany Andrews being one of the industrys pegging pioneers, brings it to the Dogfart screen for the 1st time in Twenty 3 years of updates.
Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews

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Charley Chaplin

Charley Chaplin Charley Chaplin
Charley Chaplin @
Producer Indiana invited prospective client John over to go over the details of their deal poolside in his hilltop mansion. Indianas charming wife and his top musician Charley, floats along topless in her colossal flamingo as the males discuss investors. Neither can fully concentrate with her backbends into the water. Eventually Indiana jumps in the water to flaunt off his wife a bit. This babe is into him, but her mind is elsewhere. Charleys gaze is fixed on John whose trunks are getting tighter and tighter. Leaking moist she saunters over to invite him in for a swallow. This babe pulls him into the guest bedroom where they both notice mid-fuck Indiana watching. That lady-killer doesnt appear to be angry so that babe calls to her boyfriend. Charleys fantasy of finally getting fucked without her mind comes true as her spouse rubs his adore toy between his palms whilst one more ladies man dumps his humongous load into her nutty bawdy cleft. Life will not at any time be the same for them again.
Charley Chaplin Charley Chaplin

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Brooklyn Chase And Karma Rx

Brooklyn Chase And Karma Rx Brooklyn Chase And Karma Rx
Brooklyn Seek And Karma Rx @
Brooklyn has been married for a ages now. Married juvenile, Manny had been the solely Lothario that babe had ever screwed until just recently when that babe started having the occasional ladies man over during the time that that fellow was away on extended business trips. Recently though, its gotten without hand. Brooklyn confided in her almost any astounding ally Karma how insatiable for meat-thermometer shes been lately. No matter how much Brooklyn receives drilled shes missing one important thing: her boyfriend. Brooklyn would love no thing more than to copulate a diminutive in number bucks during the time that her husband watches and feed him their loads, str8 from her dripping cunt…
Brooklyn Try to find And Karma Rx Brooklyn Search And Karma Rx

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Kenzie Reeves And Olivia Austin

Kenzie Reeves And Olivia Austin Kenzie Reeves And Olivia Austin
Kenzie Reeves And Olivia Austin @
The Arrows have been on a losing streak latterly. Their Tutor, Damien, is just not the leader he one time was. Its showing up in his marriage now too. His wife Olivia is not as contented as she used to be and had started to receive a wandering eye. Maybe it’s because they do anything jointly and need some spice in their life. Or maybe its cuz shes realizing just how lame this chab is. Years of being the Head Football Trainer and Olivia as the Head Cheerleader Trainer has made ’em quite the force pair. Determined not to be confused anymore by Damien, Olivia is gonna give her limpy partner some coaching in what victory looks like. This babe invites the star players from the rival school over for some pre-game pleasure. Hopefully when shes done with him, hell be back to the Lothario he once was: strong and in charge and the Nationals will be all theirs.

Kenzie Reeves And Olivia Austin Kenzie Reeves And Olivia Austin

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Ivy Lebelle

Ivy Lebelle Ivy Lebelle
Ivy Lebelle @
Ivys husband Indiana got caught jerking to cuckolding porn. Instead of being angry, Ivy was intrigued. She loved this new side of her hubby and acquiesced to trying it out in real life. Some men in her office building had given her their number a whilst back and Ivy was super sexually excited to to be expert to finally have a chance to hit them up. They came over that afternoon and Indiana led ’em straight to the act. Ivy had always wanted two bucks at one time. This babe wanted to feel one at each end and get filled in every gap. The guys fulfilled one as well as the other Indiana and Ivys dream that day. After theyve blown all over her face, Ivy talks immodest while the cum leaks down her cheeks as her spouse jerks himself to his impressive wife.
Ivy Lebelle Ivy Lebelle

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Lilly Lit

Lilly Lit Lilly Lit
Lilly Lit @
It was about the time Lilly Ford met her BF that she changed her name to Lilly Lit, and man, are they one freaky couple! They’re "poly", which means Lilly bangs just about everybody in sight, whether or not The BF is around to view. This day, The BF is around, cause he’s drooping in the backyard with The Homies when Lilly gets back from a "girls’ day out". After Lilly greets The BF, that babe heads directly to their bedroom so she can put on the skimpiest of all her bikinis, then head back out to tan…and tease. The BF, however, has something very different in mind: sharing the pleasant, slender Lilly with The Homies, who cant make no doubt of how hot she’s! Sure sufficient, Lilly is down, so to kick off, it’s a round of backyard blowjobs in advance of heading inside, where Lilly is intend to acquire railed by not quite THREE feet of dick as The BF watches and jerks. Lilly cums multiple times in advance of receiving not one, nor two…but 3 ball cream pies in a row! With her pleasant cum-hole literally trickling with cream, Lilly gets on her knees for the last reward: a blast in the face from the fellow who loves her almost all!
Lilly Lit Lilly Lit

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Jane Wilde

Jane Wilde Jane Wilde
Jane Wilde @
Jane Wilde has an admirer. His name is Jay. Jay urges nothing more than to be with Jane; Jane, however, doesn’t feel the same. Jane’s a little "evil", too: whenever Jay leaves Jane’s place, that smooth operator leaves with blue balls. Greater than run of the mill, obese, aching testicles. Which is to say Jane enjoys teasing white chaps while ravishing dark-skinned guys! Today this babe is going to level Jay with a full-blown cuckold session. You see, Jane’s fuck buddy Jax is swinging by. "Time for u to leave!" Jane says flatly. "But I made time today for you!" Jay exclaims. This triggered Jane, which lead to the session you’re about to witness. Cold-blooded yet kind. Jane’s about to reveal Jay, firsthand, while she’ll at no time accept him as a spouse. And after watching Jax destroy Jane’s little bawdy cleft (and even smaller arsehole), Jay will concede. Not in advance of getting a little lesson in his future role in Jane’s life — her cute, little 10-Pounder engulfing "BFF"!!
Jane Wilde Jane Wilde

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Angel Wicky

Angel Wicky Angel Wicky
Gal Wicky @
It might be your dream to move to Europe and marry a sexy European hotty. We know that was multi-millionaire Steve Steele’s fantasy, and as precious as it sounds to take a much younger bride, well…it appears there’s some serious consequences. This gent is married to a Czech female named Girl Wicky. Angel’s a piece of MILF ass: golden-haired, busty, in her 30s…and adore almost any 30-something’s, Beauty is always sexually excited. Too randy, in fact. This fellow simply can not copulate her sufficient. But Steve is friends with Amirah Adara, so this skirt chaser knows the Dogfart staff has invaded Budapest! Specifically "Cuckold Master" Jax Slayher, who can’t live out of to pound gracious wives in front of their impotent hubbies!! That’s exactly what Jax does today, all the whilst Goddess reminding Steve what a pathetic loser that gent truly is. Just cause u have a bigger in size than standard bank account doesn’t mean u have a big ramrod! Just ask Goddess!! Oh, and yea…Jax not solely rogered Gal in her marital couch…she just used her wedding ring as a ball cream mop to play with all that cum all over her colossal boobies!!

Angel Wicky Angel Wicky

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Karma Rx

Karma Rx Karma Rx
Karma Rx @
You purchased a cuckold session, and Karma Rx is your Cuckoldress. This means she’s gonna talk to u…and solely u. In this session, once you have paid up, Karma will start in with some "SPH" — slight jock humiliation. This is one of the reasons you’re a cuck and not rogering Karma. U know she’ll not at all feel your penis, so why try? Even if Karma allowed u to drill her, your history with premature semen flow will of course come back to rear its unattractive head. Cause…let’s face it: you’re a 2-pump chump. Oh, Karma will drain your wallet, also. This includes your credit card, which Karma will take…along with your PIN number. After your session, she’s intend to treat herself to a shopping spree, and you know she’s intend to bring her two allies, Jason and Rob. Speaking of ’em, they’re "real men" (Karma’s words), and u know it is true. One as well as the other Jason and Rob have large rods that stay unyielding and can shag as lengthy as it takes for Karma to cum. Which doesn’t take long, due to the size of their dicks! Oh…they’ll give her multiple orgasms, too. Which leaves the climax for the one and the other men: they’ll double-load Karma’s muff with so much cream, it’ll oozes out for hours. Unless you clean it up, which Karma will force you to do! Clean up time, cuckboi!!!
Karma Rx Karma Rx

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Danielle Derek Danielle Derek
Danielle Derek @
Danielle Derek has an interesting relationship with her step-son: she keeps him in his very-wealthy father’s fine graces, and that woman chaser doesn’t tell dad when step-mom’s been wicked. It is an fantastic relationship, truly…and it started not also lengthy after Danielle married and moved-in to the house. 1st, it was walking around the abode in robe and briefs. Then, just knickers. Then, keeping baths doors opened whilst she showered. Then, letting step-son peek in as she dressed. The first time he caught step-mom with some other lady-killer, the deal was consummated. Now, Danielle’s step-son goes out of his way to bring his allies home to meet "my batty step-mom"! Today’s extra-special, as Danielle has not at any time been with a dark Lothario in advance of (let alone 2), and step-son knew Danielle would receive very lascivious when that babe met Rob and Ricky. Danielle seduced the youthful chaps, which was very simple…first, by giving them a peep reveal; and then, simply inviting the dudes into her dressing room. As step-son sitting and beat his meat, Rob and Ricky ran a teach on step-mom, ending with a sexy, creamy load deep in her wet crack. Then a sticky discharged all over her face and funbags. Don’t forget step-son’s award!
Danielle Derek Danielle Derek
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Richelle Ryan

Richelle Ryan Richelle Ryan
Richelle Ryan @
Check out weak, worthless, white-boi foot piggy, groveling at Bitch hotty Richelle Ryan’s feet! This chab pays big cash to worship his Headmistress, and that ladies man loves sniffing and licking and giving a kiss Richelle’s sweet feet. There is just one problem. In the middle of his foot session, a pair of Richelle’s friends reveal up unexpectedly! They’re greater than average and they’re dark and they’ve got one thing on their mind: screwing Richelle Ryan! Since Richelle is a "B.C.S." (darksome ramrod slut), she’ll allow her black paramours to take control…and since that dude is been such a good little piggie, Richelle is intend to allow her foot bondman to enjoy the brandish. Well…there’s solely one problem with that: final time Foot Piggie was over, he touched himself without Richelle’s permission; today, his 10-Pounder is locked up taut! This means while Foot Pig will observe the unveil, this chab will not be professional to jack his miniature, white meat as Richelle’s studs run their train on her moist, warm grasp. They’ll skull screw her, also, then dump their titanic loads all over Richelle’s ample, very phat a-hole!!
Richelle Ryan Richelle Ryan

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