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Hi Boys and Angels! Anyone hungry? I bet there is some bois out there with a hankerin’ for a taste of nice old-fashioned creampie! I know one cucky boi who had a smack for it…and guess who baked him up a slice of heaven? That is right…me. With a little help from my pal Ace. But before we prepared our cock juice pie for him, I took my hungry boi and made him take a shower. A very cold shower. And if that wasn’t enough, I had some ice with me…to nifty down his petite balls. Laughable thing is – that ice shriveled up his testicles and shaft even more. By the end of the shower I measured his package…2 inches. Then I laughed! Then Ace serviced me whilst that smooth operator watched. Then Ace blew all over my clean shaven cum-hole. Which meant it was snack time for cuck boi! Hee hee. I’m so cold-blooded sometimes. XOXOX – Spring
A Slice Of Cream Pie A Slice Of Goo Pie
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