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After awaiting impatiently for ONE MORE 15 days after my <b>previous attempt at getting preggy by random black chaps</b>, I take my second pregnancy test and investigate sadly, once again I timed my copulate session wrong and wasted millions of wonderful dark sperms as <b>I was not ovulating whilst I received my last creampies</b>! Dammit! With out frustration I call up the 1st black dude that I have on speed dial on my phone and <b>beg him to give my ovaries another try</b>! To my great benefit, Ace just happens to be hangin’ with two of his homies and brings them all over. Not only is Ace an unselfish brotha, this lady-killer <b>doesn’t wanna be pinned with the pregnancy</b> so this guy by no means creampies me alone! Ace feels that as lengthy as he’s not the only dark-skinned stud at a time to fill my aperture with goo, <b>no court in the world will hold him liable for child support</b>! And that is precious with me, I do not wanna know <b>the NAME of the father, just the COLOR</b>! Well fans, after <b>some other mad interracial gestation session attempt</b>, once anew my pregnancy test tells me I am NOT PREGGO YET! This is bad news for me, but worthy news for <b>all you white boyz out there</b> that now need to watch me TRY ANEW! Until next time! XOXOXOXOX
Black Chocolate Spunk Pie Black Chocolate Man-juice Pie

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