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Howdy Boys and Girls! This is my world, and welcome to it! This week’s update is pleasure fun fun. 1st, I suck a little on a mango popscicle, then I engulf a entire lot on one of the thickest, gigantic dark schlongs ever – Sledgehammer! His length is great, but his girth is really fantastic. This chab is gotta be as round as a can of soda, I swear! Anyways, this lady-killer shags my mouth real precious, then spreads my snatch up. I mean he copulates me loose. Whew! Then, without nowhere, guess what? A black dude just walks up and blasts my pretty face. And then guess what? Some other dark-skinned buck just walks up and blasts my charming face. And then guess what? One more dark Lothario just walks up and blasts my marvelous face. And then guess what? Sledge pulls out and creates a gene pool on my tummy…then stands me up and shows me off to you boys. What a complete mess I am! Hee hee. I am a Dark Shlong Bitch! XOXOXO – Spring
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