Give Me Dark Seed Give Me Dark Seed
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OKAY all u interracial sperm pie fans! For this week’s viewer entertainment, I one time afresh take semen pies from multiple dark schlongs. One after another. It’s very rock hard to get 1 black smooth operator to cum inside my muff. To escape the risk of Eighteen years of child support, these dark boys have rapport to not ever let a boyfrend darksome gent ball batter pie a white beauty alone! Case in point this week is Jon Jon and Ace. I take one as well as the other of their internal cumshots, 1 after the other, in that order. 1st up to spray my uterus wall with thick sex cream from his 8 inch dark meat-thermometer is Jon Jon. I lay on my back on the daybed with my ankles stuff into my armpits. Jon Jon pumps me in this position for a tiny in number minutes in advance of doing what I called him over to do. Immediately after Jon Jon pulls out of my cum-leaking love tunnel, Ace steps in to add his DNA to the mix. Jon Jon’s cum is oozing down my cookie and booty crack whilst Ace’s 12 inch monster dark-skinned wang stretches my gap, expelling almost all of Jon Jon’s load. After Ace explodes inside of me, that stud pulls out so I can show everyone my soggy, trickling cream-hole. No pregnancy test this week, I forgot to buy one! You’ll have to expect until next week’s update. Bye bye! XOXOXOXOXOXOX
Give Me Dark-skinned Seed Give Me Dark Seed

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