Hope I Acquire Lucky Hope I Acquire Lucky
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This was supposed to be a double bust in my cum-hole from TWO youthful dark chaps, but instead it turned out to just be a bust. One boy couldn’t discover his edge, and had no wood, and the other numbnuts popped in his own hand. How the hell am I supposed to receive preggy from that shit? It looked love I may must go with out my each single week interracial creampie! So what to do? Lastly I decided to call in my backup bonk, Favourable, who always delivers the goods. Let’s just hope that he lives up to his name, and bakes up a poppin’ recent chocolate bun from my steaming sexy oven! I decided to give Fortunate the BFE, or hubby experience instead of my ordinary "total doxy with attitude." Maybe a little TLC will encourage him to go the additional mile and give me a more fine chance to need to the delivery room. One good thing about Favourable is he doesn’t have far to discharge to hit my cervix, he’s one long slab of darksome meat! We are talking 12 inches of bigger than typical darksome jock. Thick dark interracial schlong! I gave Lucky the engulf, shag, suck, fuck… Iterate, treatment and when this guy was unyielding sufficient to cut a diamond, I opened up and let him blast my innards with sufficient "hood custard" to knock up the whole hood. Hope I receive Fortunate with Favourable! XOXOXOXOXOXXO
Hope I Receive Lucky Hope I Get Lucky

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