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I want everybody to meet my fresh husband, Jason. What a sweetie! He’s my age, and he’s white, and this chab is perfect to bring home to meet everybody, and this chab is smart, and he’s nice, and he’s polite, and this chab is witty, and he’s a virgin, and he’s in college, and someday this man is gonna be a doctor, or a lawyer, or an accountant. Isn’t that charmer great? So what’s my problem? Why do I desire to cheat on him so? That chap took me to a museum today, and during the time that we were admiring the exhibit on Ancient Egypt a negro strided by, and I just about lost my mind. I set my worthy sweetie on some errands whilst I did naughty things with the negro. We almost got caught! More than one time!! In the end my sweetie got a particular treat, and so did I, and so did the negro, and even though I stomped off avid, I still love him! XOXO to u baby! Like, Spring
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